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The Drumpf Middle East strategy looks doomed to me! Those who still believe in the consummate fraudster, sociopath and megalomaniac Drumpf, should probably begin to consider/reconsider now how Drump claimed ludicrously during the campaign that he knew more about ISIS than the generals! I’m not the world’s greatest Middle Eastern affairs expert, but it’s pretty clear to me what they (the Drumpf gang) are doing in the Middle East! And that is nothing about the financial/root sources of ISIS terrorism (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE)! In truth entities such as Hezbollah and Iran should be a part of the coalition to crush ISIS, instead the gang that can’t shoot straight is ginning up “Flynn facts” and “alternative facts” about Iran and its Middle Eastern allies… And conducting dubious raids in Yemen, killing innocents and children — and towards achieving what end exactly?


I don’t see what contacting the devils in Congress is going to accomplish. As far as I’m concerned Hezbollah and Iran are the only organizations in the world that can actually do anything! The Sunni Arab leadership is all sold out, Al-Sissy is a limp-wristed trollop! I’ve heard reports that Hamas has supported the people in the Sinai against him, which if true is a mistake, Sissy is still a piece of vermin though in my book! The Sunni Arab “leaders”, it pains me to call them, would put their own people up for slaughter to appease the Zionists! So obviously, they are not going to do anything for the long suffering Palestinian Gazans!

For the first time — I’ve not been a believer in this, I can see how the Arab “leadership” would just roll over and allow Greater Israel to happen! And whatever atrocities the Zionist rogue entity commits, the Zionist occupied West will just stand idly by “observing”! And furthermore, they’ll just let Netanyahu and his neo-fascist minions commit all manner of barbarism/butchery and, in fact, they’ll even supply him! And so additionally, they’ll just, as i say, stand idly beside him — which indeed translates to at least for all intents and purposes — to essentially being 100% fully behind him!

Hamas has an office in Qatar, which is the residence of the chairman. I know that the Emir of Qatar was giving them money in the past, but I don’t know if that is still ongoing. Although Hamas was a close ally with Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria at one time; I believe that since Hamas came out against Assad that alliance has frayed. Syed Hassan Nasrallah — I found quite surprising, has come out during this current bloodbath and said that Hezbollah is standing 100% behind the Hamas resistance! Hezbollah won’t do anything unless the Islamic Republic gives them the say-so in my opinion, though. Iran is in negotiations presently, and so I don’t expect Hezbollah to do anything because I think that those negotiations might definitely be sacrificed by Hezbollah taking any meaningful/substantive military action.

Much as the Palestinian/Gazan people make a distinction between the elected political side of Hamas and the militant wing of it, I absolutely think that Hezbollah’s words are in support of the latter, for certainty. The known tensions between political Hamas and Hezbollah, I would think, are still very much at play between the two resistance movements, but at the same time with a common enemy one can only imagine the comradely ties — difficult to break — that the two sides have developed over their common struggle’s duration.

I should definitely preface this piece/meditation by saying that I support Bashar Al-Assad against the devils Qatar, NATO, Israel, various Salafi conglomerations and KSA. However, I find some recent comments by President Assad to be quite strange. Assad has told us that what we are observing — in the coup d’etat in Egypt, is essentially the fall of political Islam. A close ally of Bashar Al-Assad’s, though is political Islamist, of course. IRI (Iranian Islamic Republic) as per my understanding, is a current manifestation of political Islamism/Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, the Wahhabis, Salafis and such don’t support it, of course, because they are Takfiris against the Shii!

Maybe Assad means in the Arab world, since the Iranians are, of course, Persian. But Hezbollah who helped Assad defeat the Salafis, and mercenaries in the key battle of Qusair; originally wanted Lebanon to be like Iran. In Lebanon you have a nation — the size of the US state of Connecticut essentially — that contains virtually every group that exists in the Middle East (Kurds, Christians, Druze, Sunni and Shia Muslims)! So pretty much a non-starter proposition! If one wants to read through this long interview, one can see how Assad views the Muslim Brotherhood as puppets of the West, essentially, and a very divisive group in the Middle East. Iran being mainly Shiite, does represent a very different kind of political Islam. And one where they are allied with the secular Baathist Assad, and also with Hezbollah (though a political Islamist grouping/formation one that supports a multi-confessional state of Lebanon).

The Iranian Islamic Republic is unequivocally a more enlightened political Islam, than its Sunni correspondent groups and organizations, I think. And perhaps this has something to do with there being only four majority Shiite nations in the world: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq and Azerbaijan. And so thusly there are not even many nation-states at all in the world, where bringing a political Shia Islamist government to power has much prospect/practicability, in fact!

Prior to Syria becoming a nation of great international attention, I had thought that Assad was pursuing a lot of neoliberal reform there. Something I believe has been done in many areas/cases, but I am not sure as to how great an extent that has occurred. I am happy to see a quote such as this though from President Assad. Showing that he still has a lot allegiance/influence to the best of Arab nationalist credentials, “Our original Arab identity represents the amalgamation of civilizations of thousands of years and is hence built on moderation in all aspects: social, cultural, political and religious. When this identity is being torn in any of the two directions I mentioned, the result will be these foci of extremism you mentioned. This is my greatest concern; extremism in following the West is as destructive to our identity as religious extremism and they both lead to turbulence, which is what we are witnessing in Syria and other countries. This is not exclusive to Syria, but perhaps the element of external interference in Syria was stronger than in other countries.”

And Assad again on the tradition/revolution that he represents in the Arab Republic of Syria, ” the real revolution of 1963….was a revolution that empowered the country, society and human values. It promoted science and knowledge by building thousands of schools, it brought light to the Urban and rural areas of Syria by building electricity lines and networks, it strengthened the economy by providing job opportunities according to competencies. It supported the wider foundations of society including farmers, labourers and skilled-workers. The revolution at the time built an army indoctrinated in national values that fought the fiercest of battles, it stood unwavering in those difficult circumstances and it won in the 1973 war. We are now perhaps enduring the most challenging circumstances in which the army has shown that its revolutionary foundations and ideological values are as strong as ever.”

The anti-virus pioneer/developer cum international man of mystery, says that he’s uncovered a bombshell terrorist activity. Via installing keylogger programs on high-level Belizian officials’ computers, and through the use of surrogates, who were not beyond sleeping with their subjects of inquiry; McAfee says that a route through Belize is in existence, to effectually bring Hezbollah — plus the chemical weapon ricin to North America. McAfee plans to blend into the environs of the Midwest, at the present. Where he says that folks are well-armed, and he feels that any Hezbollah fighters — or even sleeper agents — won’t be overly difficult to decipher.

Such a strange twist on a tale of a man, who was a person of interest in his American neighbor’s murder. Now he’s become like a Gary Webb, but only to retire whence he’s just barely started. He’s dealing in some immensely dangerous waters though; obviously, so perhaps his plan is about his best, and only option. If his journalistic coup pans out at face value, then one would think that Hezbollah would want him ended. According to McAfee the US State Department is privy, to much of the same information as he — and his clique are. If this is some set-up for a pretext for a war against Iran — or elsewhere in the Middle East — one would think that he’s playing in equally dangerous depths and treacherous waters. But then again such an eccentric, odd, idiosyncratic, though resplendent — yet quirky fellow; what is the measure of credibility for one to rationally think about the veracity of this exceedingly spectacular tale/chronicle? Perhaps he’s just thrill-seeking, getting a few kicks, or even simply on the road to a rather crippling, cogent, and irreversibly debilitating delirium!

This is a plan that the leader of Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, mentioned in a Sy Hersh article back in 2007. A plan that involves the persistent metamorphosis of the region into mini states, and micro states — among the various ethic and religious factions. A plan that is often attributed to Zbigniew Brzezinski (the intellectual godfather of this strategy).

In 2007 Nasrallah told Seymour Hersh that the American plan was, “the drawing of a new map for the region.” Nasrallah believed that this stratagem would leave Israel surrounded, by a host of small and tranquil countries. He said that even the Saudi Kingdom would be involved — and divided — and that this project would also bleed into the Northern African countries. “There will be small ethnic and confessional states,” said Nasrallah.

So now if we look at the map, we already have Iraq as essentially a tripartite country. The East of Libya has declared a lot of autonomy there (so we don’t know how many parts that’ll eventually be, or if it will even remain [nominally] together). South Sudan has seceded, the North of Mali has declared itself as an independent country, and Pakistan exists as a state that is fracturing; and being pulled in many different directions. (The internal forces in Pakistan are catering to conflicting goals, and it is increasingly unclear where the real decision-making power lies.)

So I think that this is, unequivocally, where we are going in the Greater Middle Eastern region. This is the future that has been set, as the path, of an entire geostrategic area. This is an old imperial schema, of course, to breakup the constituent elements — of  the forces that are resisting you (or that you want to control and dominate) — into tinier, less forceful, more inadequate and David-like pieces.

Was George W. Bush really so mad — when he rather ham-handedly — invaded the Iraqi nation? Or was he simply carrying out a larger blueprint, of a more sophisticated plan that was given to him — by those who had propped him up there, to be their titular head of state, oaf, stooge and imbecilic bungler?