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The usual election experts I check weren’t saying the election was stolen right away… Bev Harris I understand thinks Hillary tried to rig it, but it wasn’t close enough so it would have been too obvious I think something along those lines… But then I came across the post on Mark Crispin Miller’s blog, Kevin Barrett mentioned it on his show. I had checked Palast before — he had some stuff on Ohio but not the whole thing, he is now saying it was stolen. Aangirfan’s posts are by no means authoritative I think he was the first that I saw to suggest it was stolen. He’s written a lengthy post on it now. I wondered that day of how Trump could win with only the Baby Boom Generation and white males. Women, Hispanics, blacks, Asians, college-educated whites, Millennials and Gen X were all against him!

I think they are saying Trump won whites with a college degree, I was reading prior to the election that they were against him. So then he had white males, the Baby Boom Generation and college-educated whites. I haven’t been able to find out how Gen X actually voted, I’d read the same kind of thing about them prior to the election as college-educated whites.

Lee Camp has done an episode on RT on the election:


This is not a real recent interview with Shillary, but I think that it’s kind of a surreal one. Shillary doesn’t look like a cyborg or some such who wants to bite the heads off babies in the interview. Some politicians kiss babies although in my opinion the stiff, wooden and robotic Hillary looks to me like she wants to bite their head offs, haha, when she’s out there glad-handing and doing the typical politician strut/thing!

I wonder if there’s something going on with Republican Mormons and Trump. Perhaps it’s too early, but two of the most prominent Republicans for Never Trump seem to be Glenn Beck and Mitt Romney. Don’t know, but maybe Hillary this time around will be like the LDS candidate? Haha. (And moreover, Mormon Harry Reid was instrumental in delivering Nevada for Hillary Clinton too.)

Mike Lee the Mormon Utah senator, who’d like to eviscerate the federal ban on child labor (I would think he’d be simpatico/a kindred spirit of Trump’s), has already been quoted as saying Trump “scares him to death”. Don’t know if he’s come out “officially” for Never Trump. Interestingly, Trump has put Mike Lee’s brother on a short list of people that he might name to the Supreme Court though.

I think Joe Biden’s basically a cipher (and not the way that’s it’s used like in intelligence parlance, lol, for example), the Senator from MBNA… I heard an interview with multi-time campaign loser Bob Scrum the other day — an affable enough fellow but a bird brain, I’m sorry to say — and he chalked up what’s happening in the campaign this year to “authenticity”. This is the Beltway political consultants thinking undoubtedly, it’s not at all that Sanders and Trump are “off the reservation” and might be proposing something/many things that are different! The sheeple (in their words/minds, the Beltway consultants) are viewing them as “authentic”. And so, they just need to get someone in with most, if not all, of the standard talking points and positions but who is jovial and even goofy quite frankly! What I feel that Joe¬† Biden is…

And that is in lieu of, of course, the wooden and unempathetic Ms. Clinton (she doesn’t “feel people’s pain” like her ever so charming and mythologically politically adept husband once did); at least that’s how she comes off whilst she’s out there on the stump — and on the campaign trail!

I’m sure that Hillary, her people and the Democratic and the Wall Street establishment perhaps more importantly, know the old maxim that, “Republicans fall in line and Democrats fall in love.” It was Obama who spoiled her coronation last time. History says that someone will challenge her, and actually moreover probably even beat her this time, once again. They must have a bag of dirty tricks then, one would most assuredly have to assume “at the ready”. And so, the kind of sordid stuff that they must have prepared for — any and every potential Hillary opponent — must be truly diabolical, in fact!

Arch-uberzionist moneybags Haim Saban has said that he will do everything that can he can in order to elect Hillary Clinton. Do folks think in that case that critics of Israel as well as the illicit occupation of Palestine should maybe then do everything that we can to stop her? Of course, the two party tyranny and handmaiden of the 1% leaves much too desire. We can be positive though that an ardent Zionist will come out of the GOP fold, however. Not that any sane person would actually vote for them, but nevertheless — and just for kicks at least — we should probably minimally make some mention of them in passing. Returning to the crux of the matter that is front and center, anyhow, is there any good reason for critics of Israel or the pro-Palestinian forces, to actually get behind a formidable (Democratic Party) challenger?

Perhaps if the aforementioned forces and individuals get behind such a challenger, and we can try and make our presence known — although there’s definitely a good chance sadly but realistically that we’ll be sold out — as a potential victory, though, and hopefully more than a Pyrrhic one. That a hypothetical Democratic nominee might be aware that there was a fair contingent behind him (or her) organized around, and focused on altering the US-Israel seemingly petrified/very unmoving status quo policy.

And lastly, and upon further reflection being stealth so to speak could be the way to go, possibly on this one. Indeed, especially considering that the Zionist-occupied media will, virtually without any doubt come down upon us quite severely.

So the white man’s burden (under, of course, the first black president) continues on. Hillary Clinton stooge of U.S. avarice and imperialism, tells Venezuela to follow the example of Chile, Brazil, and presumably other countries in the region that it gives its ok to. Of course, the U.S. cares nothing for the advancements and the movement toward greater egalitarianism and justice brought about by the Bolivarian Revolution. Its greatest goals, its ‘U.S. interests’ (who voted on these interests other than the oligarchy, no one knows!) are just to extract the resources (most notably oil) as cheaply as possible, and to have a U.S. subaltern take the orders that it gives him (usually a he) from Washington. For the ‘guilt’, for the ‘sins’, of not being a U.S. puppet, a shot is fired across the bow!

This highfalutin talk from Mrs. Clinton about ‘restoring democracy’, ‘restoring freedom of the press’, and coming back into the fold of the U.S. empire, is mere window dressing for the true U.S. aims. It doesn’t play as well when you say, “Young child (referring to the duly elected leader of the Bolivarian Republic) stop playing these silly tricks and games and do what mommy and poppy say now!” That just doesn’t work in a world where the Obama administration pays homage to human rights, and universal freedoms, but in actuality those might as well be the manna of childhood make-believe, or science fiction tales. When it comes to ‘U.S. interests’ (as I said before, highly undemocratic things that no one ever really voted on), the only ‘human right’ is to hold on to life and limb by your coattails, and the only ‘freedom’ is that of working at or near a sub-subsistence wage!

To break this paradigm, is sacrilege, in other words criminal; illicit activity directed against the aforementioned concepts that the United States pays homage to, but doesn’t care even the ittiest, tiniest one bit about. But this won’t make the headlines, and this won’t be beamed across the TV screens. Instead, some rubbish about the closing down of a television or radio station (never mind that it might have been calling for armed revolution against a democratically elected regime), will blanket the airwaves; and a humanitarian, decorated soldier, and reformer will be misrepresented as a thug.

Elections are held, and if those who the U.S. doesn’t want win them, they are held with utter contempt and disregard. If people that the U.S. likes violate international ‘norms’ and ‘standards’ very little about that will be addressed, elucidated, or entertained at all. When business interests or the corporate interest, in other words ‘U.S. interests’, are infringed upon; that is another thing altogether, in and of itself. It releases all manner of hell and fury upon an unsuspecting, often defenseless country. When internal politics should be left to a nation and the citizens of that state, they instead become the exclusive property of the United States regime! What a tangled web the Obama administration weaves; on the one hand they call for the restoring of private property in Venezuela, and on the other they negate the right of self-determination for all Venezuelans who elected their president to duly reign.