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This is not a real recent interview with Shillary, but I think that it’s kind of a surreal one. Shillary doesn’t look like a cyborg or some such who wants to bite the heads off babies in the interview. Some politicians kiss babies although in my opinion the stiff, wooden and robotic Hillary looks to me like she wants to bite their head offs, haha, when she’s out there glad-handing and doing the typical politician strut/thing!


Part two with Dumb Bell-ina (I think that’s a great name for her, I hope it catches on).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

It’s not funny like the one with Charlie Gibson. Even though Hannity does nothing but kiss her bottom, she still made some mistakes on a number of policy issues, I thought. But it just wasn’t as funny with the faux interviewer Hannity running the show. The mutual admiration society that was going on, ruined the whole thing.

Hopefully Katie Couric will grill her on some stuff, and get her off her game (which is pretty much non-existent anyway). Katie’s not really known as pit bull though (with lipstick on or otherwise).

An interesting interview with Alex Jones and Ralph Nader. Two well known figures, very much on different sides of the spectrum. I kept wondering, “does Alex support all of this?” while listening. I really don’t think he and Nader agree on all that much, but he gave Ralph a forum and let him promote his message.

Vodpod videos no longer available.