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The Drumpf Middle East strategy looks doomed to me! Those who still believe in the consummate fraudster, sociopath and megalomaniac Drumpf, should probably begin to consider/reconsider now how Drump claimed ludicrously during the campaign that he knew more about ISIS than the generals! I’m not the world’s greatest Middle Eastern affairs expert, but it’s pretty clear to me what they (the Drumpf gang) are doing in the Middle East! And that is nothing about the financial/root sources of ISIS terrorism (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE)! In truth entities such as Hezbollah and Iran should be a part of the coalition to crush ISIS, instead the gang that can’t shoot straight is ginning up “Flynn facts” and “alternative facts” about Iran and its Middle Eastern allies… And conducting dubious raids in Yemen, killing innocents and children — and towards achieving what end exactly?


The War on Terror has been to replace the Cold War. The MIC needs monsters such as ISIS! It certainly doesn’t want the world rid of them!

Although US Foreign Policy may often seem helter-skelter/ill-thought out, it actually is not really that way at all. Indeed, there are invariably sociopathic think-tank people and “intellectuals” that are behind most, if not all of it. And so, the plan to get rid of the secular Arab regimes seems to continue unabated. Sy Hersh’s article just encapsulated a huge percentage of the real story, the White House seems to have basically ignored it. Some “pundit” in Vox rolled out the “C word”, lol, deriding Seymour Hersh’s so-called conspiracy theories! Seymour Hersh was frankly way late to the story, in the alternative media — which the MSM and White House largely ignore of course — the story has long since been out (there were three points in it that were new to me at least: that intelligence was sent to the German, Russian and Israel governments as intermediaries to be received by the Syrian military, that accompanying the intelligence agreement there were four things that were asked of Assad, and that in 2013 the Joint Chiefs was able to manipulate the CIA into shipping obsolete weapons to the Syria Islamist terrorist rebels).

I think Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley was saying on his show this week that they basically prefer chaos/total anti-civilization forces than anyone/anything that is independent. I was heartened to learn in Sy Hersh’s article that apparently there’s actually a Democratic Congresswomen by the name of Tulsi Gabbard who’s opposing some of this stuff.

“What my constant cry was that our biggest problem is our allies, our allies in the region were our largest problem in Syria, the Turks we’re great friends and I have a great relationship with Erdogan — which I just spent a lot of time with, the Saudis, the Emiratis, etc… What were they doing? They were so determined to take down Assad and essentially have a proxy Sunni-Shia war what did they do?! They poured hundreds of millions of dollars and thousands of tons of weapons into anyone who would fight against Assad! Except that the people who were being supplied were Al-Nusra and Al Qaeda and the extremist elements of jihadis coming from other parts of the world.”

– 47th Vice President of the United States, Joseph Biden

The Islamist neo-Ottoman ultra-authoritarian prime minister cum President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is playing a number of hands in “geopolitical canasta” that will, most assuredly, inevitably come to vigorously bite this self-styled sultan in the end. The iron-handed president came in under a very level-headed foreign policy of establishing no problems with any of his neighbors. However, he has since faced the untimely inception of a virulent psychosis — and namely that of a certain and peculiar style of geopoltical uber-adventurism. And no doubt in order to “increase his stock”, at least that is for any of those who would value conquest, as well as the perpetual pursuit of domination and regional hegemony as ostensibly virtuous ends.

On the one hand, at least in rhetoric if not very muscularly backing it up, Erodogan has purported to be a supporter of the Palestinians. The Saudis in contradistinction have, of course, essentially thrown their Arab brethren to the Zionist wolves, and have admitted that the Turks, the Qataris, as well as the Iranians are the only major Middle Eastern powers that do anything at all, however meager, to aid in the resistance of the Palestinian cause. (As a Saudi publication said in August, in a periodical that is a known organ/speaking tube for the licentious, aging and moreover the increasingly decrepit KSA ruling clan.)

Much to the dismay of Obama, as well as other NATO power leaders, Erdogan has been very cautious/trepidatious about rigorously fighting the so-called Islamic State (IS). Something that he is loath to do — although he has for some time wanted Assad gone, in consideration of the possibility of facing a situation that could potentially lead to a Kurdish self-governing, and fully autonomous nation-state/regime. Indeed, the much-trumpeted Yazidis, whose plight was given a fickle spotlight by the verily Attention Deficit Disorder-affected MSM, were actually additionally given short shrift by the US “helper” military after American pilots discovered that it was the Turkish archenemy — and considered terrorist by the Western governments — PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) that was coming to the aid of their Yazidi kin (the Yazidis are Kurdish, Yazidi refers to their religion). And moreover, it is through the porous Turkish border that it has been revealed that ISIS has a virtual freeway in order to shepherd their extremist elements in.

Erdogan has since the inception the Syrian “Arab Spring” given oasis, refuge, and comfort to all manner of barbarian Salafi and Al Qaeda-esque extremists. At one time George W. Bush had threatened Texas-style neoconfederate “justice” against any nation that would harbor this brand of lunatic, but today the NATO ally of Turkey not only harbors such vermin, but it flouts the NATO countries ostensible efforts to rein in this extremist nurturing sin. And so, with all of the players that the West generally opposes against ISIS (Hezbollah, Syria, the Houthis of Yemen, and the Islamic Republic of Iran), and all of those that they are widely considered to be allies with (Turkey, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia) having undertaken at best highly questionable actions, it’s no wonder that there have arisen all manner of “conspiracy theories” about who created ISIS, whose side they are really on, and to what ends that they are genuinely pursuing.

In summation, President Erdogan is certainly more than a daffy joker positioned within this enigmatic cartography indeed. And in fact, Erdogan’s double and triple-dealing make his “card shark” geostrategic sleight-of-hand, hopefully, only number the last days of when the sands of time will inevitably run out on his personal political hourglass. And furthermore, upon his grip in ruling his native Turkey most assuredly as well.

A recent Homs bombing that targeted an Alawite section of the city also murdered 41 children. Additionally, the bombing is said to have taken place in a government-controlled area. Although, no group has taken responsibility for the attack one would think that United States government would be deeply, and readily interested in who exactly that are the culprits behind it. And with so much reportage out there on the FSA making common cause — and being comrades-at-arms in the field of battle with extremist groups — even if this wasn’t an FSA attack (who have certainly bombed civilian targets before), it’s nevertheless virtually unequivocally a group that the FSA will undoubtedly at times “saddle up” with.

But of course as I’ve said considering that there’s little doubt that the “great democratic rebels” of the FSA have beforehand bombed civilian targets, it’s unlikely that the US and its Western collaborators would even bat an eyelash were the FSA incontrovertibly found to be the main culprit of who it is that was indeed behind this ghastly explosion.

The proverb of the enemy of my enemy is my friend would certainly seem to be a central tenet of the Obama foreign policy. A foreign policy that has included the support, and at least de facto promotion of, essentially medieval forces in Syria, and Libya and a number of other places as well. This policy has fomented looking the other way as US allies Saudia Arabia and Pakistan have fostered the jihadi menace. And so I think when invoking the enemy of my enemy of is my friend, the operative question then that has to be asked is who this enemy — at any given time — in fact/actually is?! I’ve not seen where the US policy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend has ever been a good policy.

This policy has included backing Latin American juntas, backing all manner of ghastly regimes (in the name of anti-communism), and as I say backing what amount to for all intents and purposes medieval forces in current — and recent — American debacles! So dear Obama administration do contemplate a little more deeply this one-size-fits-all/cookie cutter policy of the enemy of my enemy is my friend! I beg of you to please reassess this knee-jerk support/blanket encouragement for individuals and groups who make Christian Dominionists almost seem progressive in comparison to these grisly, anachronistic, unenlightened and outmoded folks.