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The Drumpf Middle East strategy looks doomed to me! Those who still believe in the consummate fraudster, sociopath and megalomaniac Drumpf, should probably begin to consider/reconsider now how Drump claimed ludicrously during the campaign that he knew more about ISIS than the generals! I’m not the world’s greatest Middle Eastern affairs expert, but it’s pretty clear to me what they (the Drumpf gang) are doing in the Middle East! And that is nothing about the financial/root sources of ISIS terrorism (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE)! In truth entities such as Hezbollah and Iran should be a part of the coalition to crush ISIS, instead the gang that can’t shoot straight is ginning up “Flynn facts” and “alternative facts” about Iran and its Middle Eastern allies… And conducting dubious raids in Yemen, killing innocents and children — and towards achieving what end exactly?


This is a plan that the leader of Hezbollah, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, mentioned in a Sy Hersh article back in 2007. A plan that involves the persistent metamorphosis of the region into mini states, and micro states — among the various ethic and religious factions. A plan that is often attributed to Zbigniew Brzezinski (the intellectual godfather of this strategy).

In 2007 Nasrallah told Seymour Hersh that the American plan was, “the drawing of a new map for the region.” Nasrallah believed that this stratagem would leave Israel surrounded, by a host of small and tranquil countries. He said that even the Saudi Kingdom would be involved — and divided — and that this project would also bleed into the Northern African countries. “There will be small ethnic and confessional states,” said Nasrallah.

So now if we look at the map, we already have Iraq as essentially a tripartite country. The East of Libya has declared a lot of autonomy there (so we don’t know how many parts that’ll eventually be, or if it will even remain [nominally] together). South Sudan has seceded, the North of Mali has declared itself as an independent country, and Pakistan exists as a state that is fracturing; and being pulled in many different directions. (The internal forces in Pakistan are catering to conflicting goals, and it is increasingly unclear where the real decision-making power lies.)

So I think that this is, unequivocally, where we are going in the Greater Middle Eastern region. This is the future that has been set, as the path, of an entire geostrategic area. This is an old imperial schema, of course, to breakup the constituent elements — of  the forces that are resisting you (or that you want to control and dominate) — into tinier, less forceful, more inadequate and David-like pieces.

Was George W. Bush really so mad — when he rather ham-handedly — invaded the Iraqi nation? Or was he simply carrying out a larger blueprint, of a more sophisticated plan that was given to him — by those who had propped him up there, to be their titular head of state, oaf, stooge and imbecilic bungler?

One look at globalism, I think, is the plan of essentially homogenizing the whole planet. Making everything “safe” for the transnational ruling class to do (unimpeded) transactions. I think that it certainly goes without saying that there are far more draconian places in the world than Libya and Syria. Lets start with potential “humanitarian” interventionism in Saudi Arabia, Burma, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, Qatar, etc. Why support those “regime changes” that imperial nations want gone, because they are secular and quasi-socialist?

I think “humanitarian” intervention is a phony concept; anyhow, and I think that this is so, because it seems that it’s a slippery slope. If we could one day get to the most benignly possible war/warfare — and break it down to a science, then maybe we’d have something. But then, of course, we’d be faced with the problem that there aren’t really any altruists in the world.

And in the case of a proxy war; maybe, then it gets even more complicated. Whatever the humanitarian rhetoric, at least one; if not both, just want another domino — or a stuffed boar’s head on the wall. This may be academic for some people, but for its region Syria is relatively progressive (to be some kind of quasi-idyllic state, however, it’s certainly got a long way to go). If we’re concerned for heterodoxy and alternative models (and vexing globalism), perhaps keeping the final secular Arab state around — might be better than having only theocratic “democracies”, theocracies, and profoundly religious Emirates, Kingdoms, and Sheikdoms — as the regional universal norm.

Perhaps global homogenization has been overstated a bit. The map of the Middle East — for whoever are the string-pullers (assuming that there even is a master plan) — seems to be one of sustaining the predominance of religious fervor. The use and misuse of Islamism toward which ever way they’d like to. So one day Islamists take down the Twin Towers, and the next they kill or capture “the mad dog of Tripoli”, or bomb civilian targets in Homs, Damascus, Hama or Aleppo. It’s truly a sordid web that’s woven, all in the name of global hegemonism, keeping the great mass of the people down, and keeping the wealth of the global 1% perennially sustained, unabated, and unencumbered.

There’s a very good article on the vagaries of post-communism in Eastern Europe in Global Research today. Undoubtedly, we were sold a bill of goods about the evil empire. A global neoliberal system, seems to implementing a world akin to feudalism. Communist nostalgia is rising in Eastern Europe (of course we’ve seen a so-called pink tide for awhile in LA), I think that we are in for the revival of socialism in a lot of places, especially considering that barbarian capitalism hasn’t assuaged many desires — since the end of the Cold War.

The hardliners for Israeli apartheid within the Obama administration, are even having their stomachs turned by the elephantine Netanyahu. But this is probably not surprising, because one would think that it’s hard to stomach the wholesale destruction of a people, and continual encroachment on to long disputed lands. When the scene continues to escalate toward savagery, however, I guess there can no longer be any disregarding for what’s plain as day.

In fact, Netanyahu’s recent gift of broken glass to Vice President Biden, plays as a great metaphor for the whole dismal situation. A circumstance, that if you can believe what you read in the media, is said to be at a 35 year low. If the U.S. money spigot — and armaments delivery — continues to flow unabated, however, this will certainly all have been manipulated; to make for some good show. The ‘official’ word is, of course, that the Israel/U.S. relationship is tense at the present; but this could all certainly be ginned up, nonetheless, to shoot for some — as of yet — undiscovered goal.

Israel started, right from the first, disregarding Obama’s ‘tough talk’, and his attempts to show the Palestinians that Israel is not his favorite cuddly. The question is, is there a true fissure between them, or what it is that’s up with the U.S./Israeli charade? Time will tell, time may not tell; but as long as such machinations continue to stymie peace negotiations, the Palestinians will continue to be assailed.