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Something that you won’t hear on Fox News: Kim Davis is a Democrat! Then again, you probably won’t hear it on MSDNC either! Neither “side” of the War/Money/Corporatism party I guess likes it!


I’m watching MSNBC and they are literally cheerleading for the bailout. Their ‘analyst’ looks like someone stole his puppy. They are hammering home that this will effect consumers ability to get credit. The public must not be understanding this, they are saying. Not even a shred of ‘objectivity’, just complete and total corporate shilling, and proud of it. And this from the ‘liberal’ cable news channel. Where is the other side? The downside of the bailout? Missing in action, so it would seem.

Andrea Mitchell is hosting, who is married to the vile Alan Greenspan, this is Greenspan’s work so naturally she wants the taxpayers to clean up his mess (can anyone say conflict of interest). The mainstream media, corporate occupied territory.