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With the rise of all of these authoritarians like Herr Drumpf, for example, it’s sometimes called “nationalism” or dare I say even absurdly “populism” (although  I don’t know that nationalism is any less absurd). I would say however that it’s more like kleptocracy and totalitarianism rising, myself! It definitely ain’t Nasserism… That people actually vote for these folks without one iota of integrity who have spent their lives fleecing people truly beggars belief! The Central Asian Republic model apparently will defeat democracy in that future that we’ve all seen in science fiction movies! (Paul Krugman had written a very apropos op-ed in this regard “America Becomes a Stan” not long after the election.)

The neocons have been so jubilant since the Berlin Wall fell that democracy defeated communism, but post-Sovietism apparently will be the next “progression” for humanity! What goes around comes around for all of our crimes of “Yanqui imperialism” during the Cold War, I guess that one might say! And for those who think that the Ruskies saddled us with perhaps the dumbest and most depraved leader since Caligula, Putin should look out for that playboy Jewish oligarch who owns the Brooklyn Nets! He may still yet be coming for you, Vlad!


Vijay Prashad wrote an article that recently appeared in the notable Israeli/Palestinian blog Mondoweiss. The fear is with Modi that he is, quite possibly going to bring India and Israel closer than they have ever been. India does a lot of trade with Iran; in fact, to continue selling crude oil to India, Iran accepted payment in rice, medicine, engineering supplies and steel. As the article that Prashad authored points out India has ties in the Middle East that make it not want to appear too weighted towards Israel (although since 1991 it has been trending that way). India gets oil from the Gulf Arabs too, I think, and those governments at least try to hoodwink their own people that they have not completely sold out the Palestinian cause.

Modi is consistently being described as a nationalist in a wide array/variety of press that I’ve seen. He is Islamophobic and fundamentalist Hindi, but a “nationalist” globalist (irony noted) he might in fact be! I’m one who has already looked at India as probably the weak link in the BRICS, and Modi is only going to make that situation altogether that much worse, I’d say. The BRICS could certainly potentially use their own bank as an alternative to the IMF, and if the BRICS sought to do this in a muscular way, we could be even be looking at a “New World Order” (or maybe perhaps even better to be stated as a New New World Order, haha) in an entirely different vein.

Modi however I don’t think will have any interest in that. And verily, if such a scenario does take form, he’ll undeniably be dragged along by the other countries that constitute that league. Perhaps he’d even consider leaving that configuration altogether as well. Modi could consider leaving in pondering that such maneuvers would, undoubtedly, rankle/be displeasing to his Zionist, Anglo-American, multinational corporate and Western political power structure/elite backers, collaborators, cronies and friends.