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Americans cannot be upset that Russia installed an unqualified horse’s ass?!! Despite karma perhaps dictating that we deserve it, as the Repiglicans move their “cull the herd” bill that will eliminate Medicaid we see what kind of stuff that these cretins are truly made! We should have had Medicare-for-all and not Obummercare, but this misanthropic/Georgia Guidestones-esque plan of the Rethugs is not about health (or care for that matter) IMHO at all! I’m so glad that I have NEVER voted for a Repiglican in my lifetime the vomitous pukes that they are! (And even one who posed as a “populist” and different kind of one during the campaign: a leopard never changes his spots though it would seem.)

The peoples of all the governments that we have overthrown have the right to hate “Yanqui imperialism” I would say, certainly, until their very grave! I’m for the non-interventionist foreign policy (or something akin to it), however, that this noxious orange menace — with a dead raccoon on his head — said that he stood for during the campaign!


I think this guy’s certainly our Howard Beale of today. He’s probably one of the best voices on the major networks or cable news (he seems to loathe the entire political class in this country).

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Other than what both candidates said about South Ossetia being false, McCain also made a number of other mistatements in the debate. This is allegedly McCain’s speciality, foreign policy, so these mistakes don’t reflect very well on him.

Just throwing something out there. But it looks like the Republicans aren’t  going to support the bailout. This would be a genius move by Republicans. There’s immense populist sentiment on both the right and left (and even the middle) opposing the bailout.

In my opinion, if this is the way things play out, McCain is going to have huge support among working and middle class people throughout the country. It’s not clear to me that this is going to be enough to win the election, but it seems like this is the Republican plan.