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The nihilists who have usurped the Republican Party (aka Reich-wing) really have any sense of fair play or proportionately/humanness in their unhinged attacks, don’t you know! That Herr Drumpf wasn’t laughed off every podium — and shunned like the Amish do — even before he became the resident should have been more of a significant sign to me now looking back on it, I think.

His frothing at the mouth supporters make Kathy Griffin-like attacks literally every day! Like this nutter that just stabbed those people in Portland, and came out ranting about free speech in court! Yeah, Dumbo free speech and stabbings are “truly simpatico”! Standard practice though for the Trumpanzee — and his (or her) use of “logic”/illogic, when observed in its natural environment!

We should not only look at what’s developing in front of us at the present, but think about it all historically withal… Herr Drumpf is not only a disgrace to the United States of America, but to humanity in toto! We are going to be asked by people who are only little children today — and others who are not even alive (in the future if there is one), what did you do when this scourge/human plague rose to ascendancy! And so, kudos to all who are active in resistance to Not Mein Fuhrer, and all of the atrociousness and horrendous policies that this disreputable man represents as well!


Though it’s certainly not right to speak ill of the dead, to speak ill of that which was repulsively ugly in life, just doesn’t seem to be all that bad. Breitbart we hardly knew ye, but what we knew about ye was certainly more than enough. If there was good in you — or a silver lining at all — it was certainly excessively difficult to discern. Your countenance and dark heart (and dark face indeed), covered up a window or an opening, at least, into your very essence and; in fact, your very soul. And like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and other demagogues of the Reich before you, you didn’t particularly do anything substantial at all, to distinguish yourself — verily, or to stand out very much at all.

To those who have hawked hatred, division, disharmony, distrust, misattribution and rancor (with glee!), you’ll certainly be remembered as a great one. To those folks of good-will and diversity, and honesty, compassion and character; however, you will remain — irretrievably — like a bogeyman, an archfiend, an antihero, or even a diabolical demon, a ghost, a hellion, a vampire, or a ghoul! Now that you have left us, in relative youth, we’ll be left wondering if your diggin’ up dirt on the angels in heaven, or if you’ll ever come back to your old stomping grounds; at all, to haunt some of the gentle and merry folks; that you didn’t have time to torment, whilst you were still here — doing your damnedest, dirtiest and most foul; vilest deceits and tricks — whilst still on Earth!