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It seems to me a lot of people viewed the Repiglicans as an alternative to the Democrats in the last election. This was an egregious error! A lot of people are going to be grievously harmed due to that error! The Repiglicans ARE NOT going to do ANYTHING better than the Democrats. The “two” parties are basically controlled by all the same interests, there’s tepid resistance offered on many fronts by the Democrats. The Repiglicans however work hand in glove with the MIC, the polluting industries, big oil, nuclear power, the Evilgelical fake Christian grifters, the Israel lobby, Wall Street, etc. etc. and sometimes want to do things that are even more radical than the plethora of bad things that they — the interests that control them — already want to do! Truly bone-chilling/harrowing to even think about, and yet we’re living it! This is our reality day by day!


Repiglicans are depraved, immoral, venal, backbiting, double-dealing, and revel in disloyalty (we’ve heard that Papadopoulos flipped very easily and moreover was a loquacious and willing rat, not confirmed yet but it sounds as if much the same with Flynn)! They may appear to be human but they have like a velociraptor’s soul, or lack thereof really!

Probably the humane thing to do is round ’em all up, put ’em in a cage and feed raw meat to them!

Americans cannot be upset that Russia installed an unqualified horse’s ass?!! Despite karma perhaps dictating that we deserve it, as the Repiglicans move their “cull the herd” bill that will eliminate Medicaid we see what kind of stuff that these cretins are truly made! We should have had Medicare-for-all and not Obummercare, but this misanthropic/Georgia Guidestones-esque plan of the Rethugs is not about health (or care for that matter) IMHO at all! I’m so glad that I have NEVER voted for a Repiglican in my lifetime the vomitous pukes that they are! (And even one who posed as a “populist” and different kind of one during the campaign: a leopard never changes his spots though it would seem.)

The peoples of all the governments that we have overthrown have the right to hate “Yanqui imperialism” I would say, certainly, until their very grave! I’m for the non-interventionist foreign policy (or something akin to it), however, that this noxious orange menace — with a dead raccoon on his head — said that he stood for during the campaign!

I’m sure that Hillary, her people and the Democratic and the Wall Street establishment perhaps more importantly, know the old maxim that, “Republicans fall in line and Democrats fall in love.” It was Obama who spoiled her coronation last time. History says that someone will challenge her, and actually moreover probably even beat her this time, once again. They must have a bag of dirty tricks then, one would most assuredly have to assume “at the ready”. And so, the kind of sordid stuff that they must have prepared for — any and every potential Hillary opponent — must be truly diabolical, in fact!

I wonder how widely known it is around the world how difficult it is for non-duopoly candidates to even run non-write in campaigns. It would be great, I think, if channels like Press TV and Russia Today could give air time to some third party/independent American candidates, and the barriers and the hurdles that they have to jump through in order to even wage candidacies in this alleged/so-called cradle of democracy. Dan Buhrdorf, I think, will have to pay the state of Nebraska to run as a write-in candidate! Jason Lowenthal of the Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts was told by the Secretary of State of that commonwealth, that the forms he used — received from the secretary’s office — should have been on yellowish-tan and not white pieces of paper, which are reserved only for the “lordly” Republicans and Democrats, apparently! Additionally, James Hinton another independent candidate running in 5th district of California, although he is on the ballot for election, is being excluded from a League of Women Voters’ event.

In a lot of European countries I think that the standard is basically 5% (in Sweden 4%) of the vote for a party to have members in parliament, without runoff elections and proportional representation, though, it takes pretty much a miracle for any independents to get elected in this country. These hurdles should not be tolerated, of course, in a vibrant and robust democracy. In a nation with simply the patina, and the PR of one, however, they are stock/standard practice. And they are “par for the course”, indeed, vis a vis what is done to ensure that Republicans and Democrats; and solely Republicans and Democrats, retain a stranglehold not only on political power, but on the overall discourse of this country in these “great and democratic” states of America, for certainty.

There’s a definite case to be made that the Democrats are more “effective” globally. At causing a lot of disaster, and doing a great deal of harm! Bush/Cheney were hardened venal thugs, completely and totally in your face about their strafing and bombing; sacking, raping and pillaging — and overall doing wrong. They made no bones about their blanket (global) treachery, and excessive brute, roughshod form. The Democrats do it more subtly, whilst using better PR. And often with worse results — for the people of other nations — even more so than the R’s. Like, for example, the Africans had a good laugh recently when Hillary “earnestly” warned them about imperial nouveau robber barons, and other conquistadors.

The Democrats always face the “burden” of being looked at as wimpy. If memory serves me correctly, I think that when Obama came in some kind of study was done — as to what the overall agenda was — for the mission in the Afpak theater of war. (I think I do remember this correctly because for some reason the MSM was interested in that, on Afghanistan, Biden was ostensibly a dove.) I don’t recall much of anything coming out of that study, as to a purpose — or pertaining to an end goal in sight. And owing to this study did Obama question his campaign promise, undertake some soul-searching, or do any reimagining of any of his designs and goals? No of course not, absolutely, he did not do that; and he probably didn’t even think about it for a sec! Instead, he soldiered on with the farcical quagmire; nonetheless, continuing on with his “obligation” to “strengthen” his image, and attempt to continue to look tough.

The American system, I think, is absolutely and unequivocally brilliant for the 1%. It gives the people the illusion of ostensibly voting for something, when the inevitable result of the thing — will actually be more of the same. My belief is that it feeds off the emotion of a segment of voters hatred for their alleged opposition, and it also feeds off the majority of the population that, undoubtedly, cannot find America’s current or future war theater anywhere on a map! In other words those who are virtually completely ignorant about anything going on on the home front, and unequivocally also — for that matter — anything that is presently going on in the world. And moreover, it should probably be noted, that America has the lowest level of voter participation in its “democratic system”, as compared to the rest of the developed world.

The right thinks that Obama is a Muslim, foreign born, socialist, and “the left” has been so cowed (and demeaned) as to think that anyone that is “reasonable”, is the only alternative to absolutely and completely, and totally certifiable “other side”. Neoliberalism, austerity, the banksters, and the prison and military-industrial complexes, concomitantly, inevitably rule the day! Until the next round of elections, of course, when the ignominious and; indeed ignoble charade — will, most undesirably and unsatisfactorily, begin anew again!

A dictator certainly often rules via a police state and a iron fist, but even most dictatorships are somewhat wary of their potential overthrow; and the ensuing unrest that can be imbued by a completely indifferent government. By the alleged approval of the populace the American system, thusly, takes care of all of that! And so therefore, the American political elite is self-serving, and; furthermore self-centered, and no doubt many of the politicians probably actually believe in the sham elections, and probably actually think that they have some legitimate mandate to legislate. (Many Western European countries are, of course, multi-party democracies and don’t have a Tweedlee, Tweedledum “two” party system to “represent” their constituents.)

So the vicious cycle inevitably continues, of two parties — with essentially one prescription for the country — taking election after election, and implementing an agenda that responds to the 1%. A democracy in name only — that I certainly think, more than appears to be akin to a fake, phony (and decidedly undemocratic) one-party state.

I noticed that the Rethugs have trotted out their old balanced budget amendment (of course went missing during the drunken sailor spending of the Republican congress and George W. Bush). Doesn’t it seem like a good idea to any sane, rational person that, at least, the federal government can go into the red during times like this? While the government is trying to provide the same level of services that it does during more prosperous periods! And, of course, government revenues are down, and — at the same time — more people are availing themselves of government services too. So therefore, as usual, the Rethugs are deluding themselves, in some kind of la-la land, as opposed to the land where the rest of us live.

I had forgotten just how beastly the Republicans actually can be! They scared the hell out of me when they controlled all three branches of the government, and now that they are out of power they are even more bone-chillingly frightening (who would have thought it even possible that this could actually be!)! They seem to be competing for good standing with right-wing AM radio DJ’s, rather than the affinities of those (seemingly a decreasing number of people with each passing day) who voted them into their positions of office. These people are truly dead-enders (Michael Hudson brilliantly takes down their entire philosophy in this article), unyielding keepers of a flame that died out early on in George W. Bush’s second (s)election to the U.S. presidency (remember you guys you lost both houses of Congress and the White House, you know, that big white thing where burly guys in sunglasses stand at attention outside the doorway, and where, thanks to the voters aka those who also give you the authority to ’serve’ them in Congress, a Democrat and his family, now openly reside!).

I don’t like Obama (he may be an amiable guy to have over for crumpets and tea, but I’m referring to him, more importantly, in his dual roles as the leading U.S. politician and, at least theoretically, an agent for social change), but he seems to be fairly popular, and a majority of Americans seem to want to give him a chance to advance his agenda and policy prescriptions. The Republicans, however, don’t appear to be attuned to this at all (or don’t care even one little bitty iota) and seem to be committed to their usual special interest donors, and, more importantly, intent on fighting Barack Obama tooth and nail on nearly everything that he’d like to achieve (which is a very mild center-left/centrist, even moderate right agenda). The funny thing is that Obama coasted to an electoral victory over the tired, old, ideologically and intellectually bankrupt John McCain (and I can still remember the day when George W. Bush eked out a second term victory and thought he had garnered a vast swathe of political capital, lol, after barely scraping by the inept, non-starter John Kerry, and aided by suspected Ohio voting machine chicanery, he thought he was the second coming of Louis the fifteenth!).

The Republicans are red baiting and trying to scare the hell out of people, saying things like Obama’s program will sink the economy and bankrupt the treasury (where the hell have these people been the past eight years? their man Bush, already did precisely what it is that they are suggesting Obama’s policies will bring about and foster!). I think I understand the theory behind bipartisanship (that representatives from both parties have been elected by the people and therefore all should, according to this theory, work together to pursue the people’s collective agenda), however if some regions of this country are so naive and poorly informed as to elect irrational, high strung, short sighted, narrow minded, cold-hearted right-wing ghouls, thugs, and rapacious predators; then I say what other option do Obama and Congressional Democrats have then to cast aside these villainous ‘people’s representatives’, and work for things that benefit the majority of all the citizens of this great country!

The Republicans only want to work for the chemical industry (the polluting industries in general), Wall Street, billionaires and the extreme wealthy, lobbyists, credit card companies (avaricious financial organizations in general), all of their recognizable rapacious, myopic special interest ‘betters’! I personally don’t think all these interests are out of the mix with Obama either (he and the Democrats have plenty of the same and and even more puppeteers and special interest ear whisperers behind the curtain as well), but the Republicans are scared to death, nonetheless, for their disreputable marching order givers; and they will raise a great fury (at the expense of the majority of Americans and the voters who put them in power), if the deep pockets behind their ignoble agenda are not given enough power and influence in creating the forthcoming itinerary that takes shape in Washington. If who the Republicans represent, and what they are fundamentally about, are who and what Barack Obama wants to give an ear to (and to give a seat at the table), then I say he should, by all means, make every effort to pursue a bipartisan agenda. But if democracy, human rights, social justice, and creating an economy that works for the many (instead of the few) mean anything to Congressional Democrats and POTUS Obama; then I say they should eschew bipartisanship, for an agenda that more closely meets the needs of those that voted them into high political office!

It would seem there is a ‘Democratic Team’ and a ‘Republican Team’ that runs our government. This group (those that are appointed by whoever wins the presidential selection) no doubt has been carefully vetted and copiously reviewed by the powers that influence and have a strong hand in controlling our politics; by buying off our ‘public servants’ (through lobbying aka bribery and campaign contributions), engaging in behind the scenes machinations, and via the ownership of the vast majority of the heavily controlled ‘mainstream’ media.

Every four years the Blue Team (the Democrats) and the Red Team (the Republicans), take a handful of their most able, and respected talking point readers, and put them through a jolly good free for all (where both elite political parties make sure to marginalize and otherwise work to make irrelevant the most insightful and intelligent members of their ranks, individuals like Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul, who don’t play the game designed for them by the elite corporate and governmental superstructure); by means of which the standard bearers for the political parties of the elites are selected, that always and everywhere dominate the politics of this country (nearly all the nations of the world really, save perhaps the Scandinavian ones, and a few other fortunate European countries, which are closer to real democracies than any other governments). The punditocracy, the accepted intellectuals and ideologues that have achieved the elite stamp of approval, and the corporate controlled ‘mainstream’ media paint some of the talking point readers, as too far to one ‘extreme’ of the political spectrum or the other; however, the men behind the curtain (and I can assure you they are men, almost entirely white men, I’d assume), who give these people the authority to shape public opinion; know that this is just part of the game, part of the bread and circus to entertain and mystify the rabble, rendering them acquiescent and into thinking and acting as if they are participating and influencing the process that reigns over them.

With Barack Obama, and indeed the entire Obamabot/Obama-mania phenomenon, we are witnessing the ‘transition’ of one elite faction, ’surrendering’ power over to another elite approved faction. The place settings and the name cards will be changing, but the overarching policies and direction of the country will largely remain the same. A lot of lip service will continue to be given to such idealistic ideas and principles as hope and change, but very little of this rhetoric will have any serious meaning towards what will actually be taking place in and around the U.S. government and its policies. The Obamian change, will mainly be Orwellian in nature, and it will shatter the hopes and dreams of many of Barack Obama’s most ardent liberal, progressive, and idealistic enthusiasts and supporters. It will leave these folks wanting for the inspirational days of the McCain/Obama election campaign, considering that the reality of the Obama administration’s policies, will be far removed from what Obama had given the impression, while running for the highest office, that he would be pursuing. Obama and his elite handlers, of course, knew this all along (it will not be a surprise to them or be any cause for concern, reappraisal, or self-reflection), but perhaps many of the youths, first time voters, and others who were energized by Obama’s flashy campaign rhetoric and sloganeering were not sophisticated enough (in the American political shell game) to have already been aware of the ensuing political reality.