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The usual election experts I check weren’t saying the election was stolen right away… Bev Harris I understand thinks Hillary tried to rig it, but it wasn’t close enough so it would have been too obvious I think something along those lines… But then I came across the post on Mark Crispin Miller’s blog, Kevin Barrett mentioned it on his show. I had checked Palast before — he had some stuff on Ohio but not the whole thing, he is now saying it was stolen. Aangirfan’s posts are by no means authoritative I think he was the first that I saw to suggest it was stolen. He’s written a lengthy post on it now. I wondered that day of how Trump could win with only the Baby Boom Generation and white males. Women, Hispanics, blacks, Asians, college-educated whites, Millennials and Gen X were all against him!

I think they are saying Trump won whites with a college degree, I was reading prior to the election that they were against him. So then he had white males, the Baby Boom Generation and college-educated whites. I haven’t been able to find out how Gen X actually voted, I’d read the same kind of thing about them prior to the election as college-educated whites.

Lee Camp has done an episode on RT on the election:


I wonder how widely known it is around the world how difficult it is for non-duopoly candidates to even run non-write in campaigns. It would be great, I think, if channels like Press TV and Russia Today could give air time to some third party/independent American candidates, and the barriers and the hurdles that they have to jump through in order to even wage candidacies in this alleged/so-called cradle of democracy. Dan Buhrdorf, I think, will have to pay the state of Nebraska to run as a write-in candidate! Jason Lowenthal of the Green Rainbow Party of Massachusetts was told by the Secretary of State of that commonwealth, that the forms he used — received from the secretary’s office — should have been on yellowish-tan and not white pieces of paper, which are reserved only for the “lordly” Republicans and Democrats, apparently! Additionally, James Hinton another independent candidate running in 5th district of California, although he is on the ballot for election, is being excluded from a League of Women Voters’ event.

In a lot of European countries I think that the standard is basically 5% (in Sweden 4%) of the vote for a party to have members in parliament, without runoff elections and proportional representation, though, it takes pretty much a miracle for any independents to get elected in this country. These hurdles should not be tolerated, of course, in a vibrant and robust democracy. In a nation with simply the patina, and the PR of one, however, they are stock/standard practice. And they are “par for the course”, indeed, vis a vis what is done to ensure that Republicans and Democrats; and solely Republicans and Democrats, retain a stranglehold not only on political power, but on the overall discourse of this country in these “great and democratic” states of America, for certainty.

This is an excellent program that appeared on the RT interview show Worlds Apart. The episode is entitled “Peace by Peace”, and is marketed with a quotation from the interview subject, “[That] Militaries [are] outdated, they should go like cannibalism & slavery”. RT though is essentially for outside consumption, however. It’s the same reason that they do a lot more reporting on Fukushima than the Western MSM. Is Russia going to close all of its nuclear reactors, and stop exporting nuclear power technology — this exigent threat to humanity — to other nations? No, of course it’s not going to do that! (Russia, in fact, gets 17.8% of its total electrical energy from nuclear power.)

I actually like RT — particularly with how poor the level of foreign policy criticism and investigative reportage has fallen in Western “journalism”, but a lot of what they are promoting is do as I say not as I do essentially. Some of RT’s programs/programming may appear to be promoting a vision of “our better angels”, or an enlightened humanity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that any of what is being proffered/investigated on the channel will transfer substantively toward the policy making of the government of the Federation of Russia.