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Americans cannot be upset that Russia installed an unqualified horse’s ass?!! Despite karma perhaps dictating that we deserve it, as the Repiglicans move their “cull the herd” bill that will eliminate Medicaid we see what kind of stuff that these cretins are truly made! We should have had Medicare-for-all and not Obummercare, but this misanthropic/Georgia Guidestones-esque plan of the Rethugs is not about health (or care for that matter) IMHO at all! I’m so glad that I have NEVER voted for a Repiglican in my lifetime the vomitous pukes that they are! (And even one who posed as a “populist” and different kind of one during the campaign: a leopard never changes his spots though it would seem.)

The peoples of all the governments that we have overthrown have the right to hate “Yanqui imperialism” I would say, certainly, until their very grave! I’m for the non-interventionist foreign policy (or something akin to it), however, that this noxious orange menace — with a dead raccoon on his head — said that he stood for during the campaign!


The BBC has been ridiculing the purported actual capabilities of the Russian military. I would put a lot of stock in the Russian military as well as weaponry (which of course is also being questioned), though. A lot of the scare mongering that goes on I don’t put a lot of stock in, however. I generally think that most militaries in this world have very limited capability. Other than the militaries of the US, Great Britain, Russia, France and perhaps China… I don’t think the other militaries of the world can really do a whole lot, at least in hypothetical battle against any of these top militaries.

I’d think both Japan and Germany in not too long of a time could get their militaries up to snuff so to speak, to get at least somewhat close to the others I’ve mentioned. Other militaries that have a lot of troops, but I’m very dubious of what actual capabilities that they might have are Egypt, India, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

I’m not really sure of the capability of the Israeli military, they have a lot of top flight stuff (military gear, materiel, technology, etc.), but being such a small nation — and they “war” with Gaza which is basically a refugee camp, so it pretty much doesn’t tell us much about their military’s actual capability, I’d say.

As for Obama’s Cuba “rapprochement” I’ve just seen it suggested today that with the tensions with Russia riding as high as they’ve been since that was a communist nation, perhaps this olive branch to Cuba is an effort to prohibit Russia from stationing anything of military significance there. Not that crazy of an idea, because I’d imagine neighboring nations of Russia will be increasingly armored and militarized up until the point that this new Cold War ends. And so, as Obama may be at least ostensibly a peacemaker in one arena, we should never forget the number of fronts that America is still on the offensive — and that in fact Obama is doing the bidding — for the financial oligarchs and others through whose “beneficence” as well “charity” that he indeed “reigns”.

For those who have not been apprised of a series of ongoing events in Turkey moribund Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is following up his Twitter ban with a Youtube one also. The ostensible incitement for the authoritarian move by the power mad/drunken Erdogan was that a recording was released on the video sharing service that had top Turkish diplomats and intelligence officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), discussing the commission of a false flag attack, of course, for the purposes of intensifying the conflagration with the neighboring Arab Republic of Syria. The intelligence official Fidan said, “I’ll send four men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey. We can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.” The Tomb of Suleiman Shah is Turkish sovereignty within the borders of Syria, and it is an expanse that is guarded by the Turkish military.

This entire situation patently also makes one think of Northern Cyprus, which is considered by the UN to be an illegally occupied territory of Turkey, and rightly a part of the duly recognized — under international law — Republic of Cyprus. If all of these things were things that the Russian Federation was doing; in lieu of a NATO-allied country, we can only imagine the hysterics, and the infantile behavior and the temper tantrums (and not to mention the hue and cry, of course, for surely) that would be whirling/catapulting from the unfettered/unsettled Western media! And even though Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan has fallen out with the West — at least to a limited extent, if not greater — he was, for certain, a fleeting and indeed transient “fair-haired boy” of theirs in past years! And furthermore, he was even someone who had curried favor with them with his brand of so-called Muslim democracy that the West was even viewing, at one time, as a possible model to use throughout the wider region. It seems abundantly clear that the West has backed the wrong horse, unequivocally, at the present however, and it wouldn’t come as the least bit of a surprise (at least to this observer) that the Sultan isn’t long for spending out his remaining days in a pasture somewhere; talking to the portraits of his own personal, revered, and celebrated great Ottoman leaders on the walls of his pristine, worry free as well as uber-plush retreat somewhere.

Google has a rainbow logo for the Sochi Olympics. I’m glad a company can still take the “moral high ground” that is incredibly active in developing a totalitarian American Stasi, and in fact records all of an individual’s searches — via their search engine — for one’s lifetime (eternity!). As well as, of course, that helps filter/censor the Internet for many of the authoritarian/iron-fisted countries in this world! Which they are active, as aforementioned, in helping America also join the ranks of as well, too! And so, anyway I hope that when the World Cup is in Qatar that Google will be consistent, and put out something about the many encroachments on freedom that exist in the Wahhabi state/absolute monarchy of the Qatari Kingdom.

A country where gay rights, the rights of women, religious freedom, the rights of non-citizens, and the rights to publicly assemble are far worse than the Federation of Russia! Qatar does not recognize Buddhism, Hinduism and the Baha’i faith. Non-Muslims are prohibited from proselytizing or publicly worshiping! Individuals caught proselytizing can be imprisoned for up to ten years! I cannot do justice to all of these topics in the limited space that I have allotted here, but just touching on Qatar vis a vis GLBT rights/issues: homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. Visitors/non-citizens have been whipped, jailed and deported as punishment(s). The FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football Association) president has said, about the forthcoming World Cup in Qatar, “They [GLBT people] should refrain from any sexual activities.” And so just because that US Centcom is stationed in Qatar; I, for one, certainly hope that our dear Google will show some consistency in their “activism”. And indeed, I sincerely hope that they won’t give them (Qatar) a free pass whatsoever/at all!

It’s a shame that any country that is not a vassal of US/NATO must become either a puppet, or a failed state like Libya. The sick people that run America and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (a cold war fossil), are megalomaniacal, and want everyone to fall in line with their global stratagem. Additionally, because of the failed state/imploding state component of their rank and dubious ideology, they appear to be even all the more altogether insane, unhinged, twisted and psychologically frangible. A method to their madness is certainly difficult — in order to piece together — a believable rationalization to their quixotic schemas.

The intervention and destabilization psychoses — of which they are drunk on — mesh “nicely” with the “sound” nexus of inflexible, adamantine, and intransigent economic austerity measures on the home front. I have personally seen and heard speculation of Syria leading to a massive (and perhaps unbefore seen) international conflagration. And with all the imbecility, irrationality, and the wild hubris coming out of Western capitals — at the present — in my humble opinion, this makes a wealth of horse sense. Not only this, but to think otherwise, is nothing other than a virulent, bewildering, and a mystifying case of head-in-the-sandism.

We’re, undoubtedly, beginning to see that bankruptcy has been reached on a multitude of levels. A twinge of grease, a bit a lacquer, and a shot of moonshine — just ain’t going to cut it, anymore. That you have to be really smart, hold all the cards, and have plans B,C through F, is just a fallacy; told to little boys and girls in schoolyards (to make it to “dignified”, “honorable”, “august” and “noble” positions such as the President of the United States). Increasingly, it’s looking as if the global power elite is as dumb as nails. Too bad that’s only a figure of speech, but another one, of course — which might be, at the very least, the least bit useful to us — is, “if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like one [a nail].”

India is beefing up its military, it is the world’s largest importer of arms. It’s spending 100 billion in ten years to build up its military. It’s interesting I wonder if Indian will become an enemy. They are buying a massive amount of this stuff from Russia. We were viewed as closer to Pakistan in the Cold War; India Russia. I don’t think the MSM is really covering this (so India must still be in an our ally, if shaky, camp, haha) can anyone imagine if Chavez was doing this, what we’d be hearing about! Or how about Iran or the West Bank/Fatah!

“You can play a great game and still not win.”

-Barack H. Obama

After observing recent pronouncements from Hillary Clinton that Venezuela start ‘playing by the rules’ and revert to free market capitalism, it’s starting to look like we might be heading into an era of deja vu once more. Provocations from Obama against China and Russia, are making the current climate look a lot like the recent past. One would have thought in a world where the United States only has the courage to attack much lesser third world ‘powers’, that Obama wouldn’t be ginning up a great deal of antagonism with much more evenly matched states; but that’s precisely what seems to be occurring under team Obama’s charge.

The U.S., of course, recently sold 6.4 billion dollars in weapons to Taiwan, Obama hosted the ‘spiritual leader’ the Dalai Lama, and many commentators believe that the price of oil is intentionally being driven up in efforts to wage economic warfare on the Chinese. The U.S. and the Western media put out the disinformation during the war in Georgia that it was Russia who started that conflict, and Obama was apparently wholly on board with this strategy; because he repeated lies and misrepresentations about the Russia-Georgia conflict during a presidential foreign policy debate with John McCain. Presently, Obama is continuing with U.S. plans to station SM-3 medium range anti-ballistic missiles in former Eastern Bloc states.

In a recent poll conducted in China, 55% of respondents anticipated that a new cold war with the U.S. was in the offing. And Chinese military strategist Colonel Meng Xianging is saying that China will qualitatively upgrade its military prowess over the course of the next decade to become strong enough for a “hand-to-hand fight with the U.S.” Additionally, some Chinese leaders are calling for the selling of munitions to some of America’s longest tenured foes. For example, Liu Menxiong, a member of China’s people’s political consultative conference, stated, “We should retaliate with an eye for an eye and sell arms to Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba and Venezuela.” And a commentator for a paper most often known as a moderate voice in the PRC, noted, “When someone spits on you, you have to get back.”

Although Russian opinion of the U.S. since the election of Obama, has improved in that country, a smattering of Russian opinion on the street paints quite a different view. Natalia Loginova, a deputy editor at a financial website, had this to say about Barack Obama, “He’s a vivid character — he’s useless, its true — but nevertheless, good in spirit.” Nonna Aksyonova, a 50-year-old chef, remarked about the fledgling president, “I don’t think Obama has done anything to deserve getting the [Nobel] Prize or done anything to deserve an especially respectful attitude toward him.” Aksyonova added, “But there is possibility in the future. I hope.”

The younger generation seems to like America, but didn’t seem to like the U.S. backing of the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, and the U.S. support for their authoritarian marionette — Mikheil Saakashvili. Eleven-year-old Tikhon Gadzhikasimov says, “I simply like them. They’re a good nation, even though they betrayed us, attacked us.” Gadzhikasimov also stated, “Although we didn’t attack them. They attacked us, dropped bombs on us.” His friend, Dmitry Malenko, helped him finish the thought, “Actually, it wasn’t us that [Georgia] attacked. They attacked South Ossetia.”

The raw data on Russia, is even worse than the opinions one might hear by talking to the average, everyday Russian ‘man on the street’. Just 23 percent of Russians have confidence in Obama to do what is right in the international arena, and 55 percent of Russians say they lack the confidence in President Obama’s ability to act justly in that sphere. This is one of the most negative ratings of the American president out of 20 nations where similar polling has occurred. Moreover, just about 15 percent of Russians say they view U.S. policy throughout the world in a positive manner, and 49 percent of them say that they view the United States policy in an adverse light. Russians also say that the U.S. bullies their country, and only 12 percent believe that they are treated fairly by the United States. In fact, an overwhelming 75 percent of the citizenry say that the U.S. overly aggressively pushes Russia to achieve the goals that it wants.

Can we be talking about the same United States that candidate Obama said he planned to lead, in resetting relations with Russia, and talking to both friendly and ‘hostile’ states? The greatest game apparently has nine lives like a kitten, and is not so easily rubbed out. When it comes to power politics it doesn’t matter what side of the political coin runs the United States empire; all of those who aren’t longstanding allies (and even some of those that are), need to keep a close eye out! Obama — or his surrogates — could be waiting, around virtually any corner; with an incendiary cigar, or something a good deal worse!

I must admit to not knowing what the endgame is here, it’s probably just warring over resources and/or looking out for number one; but what is clear, however, is that Barack Obama is not speaking softly, but carrying a big stick. And this precept certainly doesn’t seem to be acting as a deterrent on President Obama and his team of militarists as they play geopolitical hopscotch, on what the hawkish National Security Advisor to former President Carter, Zbigniew Brzezinski, has called the grand chessboard.

Two good opinion pieces on the conflict over there: Geopolitical Chess: Background to a Mini-war in the Caucasus, and South Ossetia: It’s the Oil Stupid. Providing good background that won’t be found in the mainstream media.