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I’ve never seen unintelligible written more in an interview transcript than Drumpf’s deranged ravings the other day (Associated Press). I guess he learned at the knees of the Queen of Word Salad (Palin) and the aptly named Motor City Madman! I guess from that convo he had with those two asshats/ignoramuses recently!


In a story that I haven’t see widely reported in the US MSM (while it fixates on a congressman’s penis), Margaret Thatcher’s closest handlers, have said that they would essentially move heaven and earth, to keep the Old Iron Lady away from Sarah Palin. And moreover, that it would be beneath the Iron Lady’s dignity to even meet with the one-time, former half-term Alaskan chief executive. Palin who, of course, seems to fancy herself as some kind of indistinguishable carbon copy of the “great communicator” and “Gipper” Ronald Reagan, undoubtedly, couldn’t have been — at all — heartened by the news. But Palin the mistress of malapropia, I certainly do not think, will be dismayed rather significantly, or particularly alarmed.

In fact, I’m all but sure that she’ll continue on, in her silly little bus tour, and with her active reimagining of long settled US historical events. As well as in her feigning that, a failed vice presidential bid, and half-term gubernatorial occupation, actually qualifies her to be our 53rd commander-in-chief. Though, it’s probably just as likely, I’d suspect, that this rather facile (and even farcical) bus tour, is just a promotional vehicle — that her marketing department has rather effortlessly cooked up for her — in service to Sarah Palin (the brand), and not Sarah Palin the allegedly relatively serious civic figure, political adept and “rock star”.

I still wake up with night terrors from that speech she gave at the Rethug convention, lol… Seriously though, I happened to catch O’Reilly last night asking her about the comment she made to Couric, or lack of comment really, when she was stymied and could not say one newspaper or magazine that she reads. O’Reilly rattled off a number of publications that he reads. Palin’s response, was that she could already tell how the interview was going to go at that point (presumably one of the most softball ‘journalists’ in the country was giving her a hard time, rofl!), so she had mixed feelings about her participation (in the interview)! And even to O’Reilly she fought to get this point across (and extremely inarticulately, no doubt her people must have coached her how to answer this, this is Faux for chrissakes, they probably gave her all the questions weeks in advance!).

If anyone hasn’t seen the movie Idiocracy, see it (it’s pretty dumb I don’t really like the comedy aspect of it, but the premise of the movie is great)! We are going to be putting Kool-aid on farm fields if Sarah Palin becomes president! And we’ll have to dig up a janitor, or man or woman who walks school children across the street somewhere or something who still reads books (or maybe has a home flower garden) to save us!

I’m wondering if the Bilderbergers, Rockfellers, or someone like that are behind her or something (they apparently aren’t sick of having a dolt lob missiles and wantonly preemptively invade sovereign foreign states; and stupid the rest of us we thought that we were beyond this sort of thing!), she shouldn’t be allowed to have her ramblings heard (or course neither should Bush have, or Reagan for that matter; so I guess we’ve had an Idiocracy for some time, and somehow I’ve missed it, haha; actually not that funny for those of us who have to live here!).

p.s. I even read in an MSM article that 70% of Americans do not think that she is qualified to be president! Even in dumbed down Amerika! And does anyone seriously think that she wrote that book! Of course, that’s not new, I’m reminded of the supposed OJ confession (I wonder where the heck that book went/is I thought the proceeds were supposed to have gone to the Goldman family), and of course every ‘celebrity’ and/or ‘luminary’ that graces a talk show stage hocking some sort of alleged ‘autobiography’ or ‘character building’ excerpts from their life!

Today a number of self-styled Palinistas (steadfast, unthinking, unfeeling, unwavering partisans for the ‘pride’ of Wasilla), marched into a brick wall to prove their affinity and affection for their mentally Lilliputian leader. The Palinistas hosted the event for the National Abortion Clinic Bomber’s Society, who were also holding a bake sale, and giving away loot bags to passersby at the (soon to be annual) event. The Palinistas said that marching into a brick wall was akin to taking a grenade for their addle-brained leader; and that not only would they march into a brick wall, but they would sashay just about anywhere for their ‘rogue’ dunderhead. The Palinistas said they looked forward to the day when it would be Sarah, and not an intelligent well spoken, Ivy League graduate who would be signing off on the boondoggles pursued by the United States Federal Government.

Marget Ionesco, who organized the walk into an inanimate, incredibly solid, concrete post, had this to say about a potential forthcoming Palinista (2012) electoral victory, “Just because Sarah cannot speak her native language, nor can she add two and two together, she can sign ‘X’ on a bill, just about as well as nearly any functional illiterate [or first, second, or third grader] can! And she’ll look good while doing it too [in her favorite consignment store clothes from Wasilla, yeah right, it’s Bloomies from now on for this moose hunting, caribou babe!]!” Ionesco also suggested that gutting a fish, and serving moose stew on paper plates and napkins were very underrated skills/talents (for a potential presidential candidate), and that all of the voters should seriously consider that when making their decision at the polls in the fall of two-thousand twelve.

Bill Pitts added to Ionesco’s servile flattery of the former (less than one term) Governor of Alaska (one of the least populated states in the country; probably one of the least populated territories, states, provinces, or whatever you call it, of all the world’s known civilian/pelt trading outposts!), “Just look at Jim Jones’ people they were only willing enough to follow him to Guyana, and swallow cyanide spiked sugary beverages to prove their allegiance to his message and system of views. We’re just holding this event to prove that we would be willing to go even further, and erase even more human lives in the process of showing of our support for the dearly beloved former [less than one term] Governor of Alaska.” Read the rest of this entry »

This photo encapsulates so much of who and what Sarah Palin is all about:

There is a red menace north of our borders (no it’s not Canada right-wingers who might be reading this) known as the State of Alaska. However, I prefer to call it by a name that I feel is really more precise and apropos, and that should be the name used to describe it; that name, dear reader, is the U.S.S.R.A. (The United Soviet Socialist Republic of Alaska). This socialist state’s red Governor Sarah Palin in 2007 pushed a gigantic increase in Alaska’s oil profits tax through a Republican-dominated legislature, a machination that brought in $6 billion in new revenue to the Alaskan government’s coffers. The U.S.S.R.A. owns most of the oil-producing land within its borders and was getting upward of 85 percent of its budget from the oil companies that lease the fields, even before Palin helped increase the U.S.S.R.A.’s cut of the state’s oil revenues! Because the U.S.S.R.A. heavily taxes oil companies, the companies get to write off what they pay the U.S.S.R.A. against their federal tax obligation. This leaves the money that the federal government would otherwise have, to be made up for by the citizens of the other 49 good, solid, red, white, and blue blooded 100% capitalistic patriotic American states!

A federal windfalls profits tax, similar to what is done in Alaska, was proposed in Congress by many prominent Democratic legislators, Republicans rejected it, however, saying it would discourage oil companies from investing in boosting oil field yields. John McCain, in particular, criticized the Democrats’ call for a windfall profits tax, saying it would “increase our dependence on foreign oil and hinder exactly the same kind of domestic exploration and production we need.” Sarah Palin’s U.S.S.R.A. obviously rejected this advice that was proffered by John McCain and congressional Republicans, and they decided to, in good Marxian fashion, have the state sector take a prominent role in Alaska’s lucrative oil industry (I thought government was the problem?).

In the U.S.S.R.A., every resident this year will get a $3,200 payout. Since 1982, the Alaska Permanent Fund, which invests oil revenues from state lands, has paid out a dividend on invested oil loot to everyone who has been in the U.S.S.R.A. for at least a year. Not only this, but for every dollar Alaskans pay in federal taxes, they receive $1.84 in return! This redistribution of wealth, this redistributive ‘robbery’, should incense any anti-red patriotic hard working blue (or white) collar American! While the rest of America subsidizes Alaska, its citizens reap the benefits of taxing exorbitant oil company profits! Didn’t the taxpayers of the other states in the union buy Alaska from Russia in the first place? What cut should the rest of us be getting out of this booty that the communistic Alaskans enjoy?

Sarah Palin’s attacks on Barack Obama, during the presidential campaign, could have far more easily been levied against her, and her beloved motherland, the U.S.S.R.A! Perhaps now that the election campaign is over, it could be argued that all of this is moot at this point anyway; but it’s just another example of Republican illogic, and Republicans saying one thing, while doing something else. All the time that they were calling Obama’s tax policies socialistic (which is akin to calling Jamie Moyer, Nolan Ryan), the Republicans were running as their Vice Presidential Nominee the governor of the most socialistic state in the whole grand fifty-state union! The chief executive of the state that would make the Bolshevik Revolution conspirators proud, the United Soviet Socialist Republic of Alaska!

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What would you say about a candidate who has only recently collaborated with a vehemently anti-American group? Not only has this group’s founder expressed his deep hatred, and profound disregard for this country, but this group is actively plotting and planning to secede from the American union.

What would you say about a candidate who comes from a state (surely Karl Marx or Frederick Engels perhaps, must have written their Constitution?) where the citizens of that land control the oil wealth within its borders, boldly declaring that they have an inherent ‘right’ to this treasured commodity, and not only are they so daring as to make that unholy declaration (as if they weren’t already practicing blasphemy against longstanding capitalist scripture!), but they are also so audacious as to dole out, in the form of a check, to each state resident what they say represents their citizen’s ‘right’ and ‘entitlement’ to the state’s oil revenue! Even more unbelievable, dear reader, is that the taxpayers of this abominable state, receive $1.84 in return from the U.S. Federal Government, for every dollar its citizens send in payment to Washington, DC! Who’s wealth, reader and fellow patriotic American, is being plundered, in order to redistribute America’s assets to this Marxian ignoble land?

What would you say about a candidate who cannot unequivocally call people who act violently and seek to harm respected doctors horrific terrorists of the most disreputable kind?

Well, surely I can’t divine what you’d say, dear reader, although I’m sure it wouldn’t be pretty or nice in any way (and you’d be justified to say just about any old thing that pops into your pretty little head!), but you might, I’m sorry to say, be unpleasantly surprised to know that such a candidate is running for the Vice Presidency on the Republican Party line! Her name is Sarah Palin, and she has spoken and sent warm wishes (in just this past year) to the anti-American Alaskan Independence Party (which her husband was previously a longstanding member of) and she does (and has been doing) all the other deeply troubling activities that I previously alluded to as well. Surely, reader, you’d agree, an investigation should be commissioned into this woman’s nefarious and subversive crimes and actions against her home and native land? I’m not a judge, jury, or executioner (nor am I Joe McCarthy) but I know an anti-American, socialist, terrorist sympathizer when one stares me boldly and directly in the face! And the evidence bears out that Sarah Palin is just that variety of dishonorable and mal-intentioned person.

John McCain and his supporters have been going around calling Barack Obama all the names that I have mentioned (and much more sinister ones too), but it might surprise John McCain and his knee jerk right-wing reactionary supporters that their Caribou Barbie Sarah Palin Doll isn’t the patriotic Walmart Hockey Mom that they’ve thought she was all along! I want to, again, make it explicitly clear, that I certainly won’t be the judge, jury, and executioner in Sarah Palin’s trial; but the evidence makes it pretty unmistakably clear that Sarah Palin is working to destroy our beloved fifty state union, while pursuing red, pinko-type policies in her native region, and using unacceptable language toward those who would seek to maim forthright and otherwise respectable, hardworking, decent Americans. I can only conclude that the socialist, terrorist, anti-American Sarah Palin, must never be allowed to enter 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at any time; whether it be now, tomorrow, or at any point in the near or distant future.

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I think Sarah Palin is going to be the next president after Obama, and, in my opinion, it will be World War 3 if/when she takes office. I think Obama’s going to win in 20 days (unless McCain steals it which I’d say the odds are about 60/40, 60 it won’t be stolen 40 it will), but Palin will come back to run again in four or eight years, and she will win the election then. I think she’s become a joke to a lot of liberals and pretty much anyone at all to the left of center, but I don’t think she’s a joke to the right-wing and the Republican base. Instead they seem to be hanging on her every malformed word (if anyone has seen these internet viral videos of various McCain rallies they know what I’m talking about), and defending her abysmal performances with the ‘elite media’ (some of the most softball ‘journalists’ in America). The question is what do the people in the middle of the spectrum think of her? I think they have started to turn on her, but I think she could recapture them (with the right coaching and handlers) in a future election. Just put Karl Rove in charge of her campaign and you’ve got another 50/50 split of the electorate, then the Rethugs just need another Florida or Ohio to turn the election their way.

How did George W. Bush get elected? The first time I ever saw him I thought he was a fool and a blunderer and an inept silver spooner frat boy. He’s an Andover cheerleader, dry hole drilling oil ‘magnate’, and the infamous baseball owner who traded Sammy Sosa and ripped off the Arlington, Texas taxpayers on an athletic stadium boondoggle. Then he stole the election (he was able to get enough votes to do it). Palin excites the exact same people that George W. Bush does. Plus she’s the genuine article, Bush played like he was a working class Joe (or Jane whatever the case may be), but Palin really is (or least was I think she and her husband are worth over a million dollars today, but they come from modest means). Middle America, the Christian right, and working class conservatives love her; I say she’s a real threat in future elections, and I predict she will be President in four or eight years (four if Obama is Jimmy Carter, eight if Obama is more Clinton-esque). I don’t know if progressive forces should already be mobilizing against her, but I’m just writing this to say, I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen (or will be seeing) of the Hockey Mom from Wasilla.