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With the rise of all of these authoritarians like Herr Drumpf, for example, it’s sometimes called “nationalism” or dare I say even absurdly “populism” (although  I don’t know that nationalism is any less absurd). I would say however that it’s more like kleptocracy and totalitarianism rising, myself! It definitely ain’t Nasserism… That people actually vote for these folks without one iota of integrity who have spent their lives fleecing people truly beggars belief! The Central Asian Republic model apparently will defeat democracy in that future that we’ve all seen in science fiction movies! (Paul Krugman had written a very apropos op-ed in this regard “America Becomes a Stan” not long after the election.)

The neocons have been so jubilant since the Berlin Wall fell that democracy defeated communism, but post-Sovietism apparently will be the next “progression” for humanity! What goes around comes around for all of our crimes of “Yanqui imperialism” during the Cold War, I guess that one might say! And for those who think that the Ruskies saddled us with perhaps the dumbest and most depraved leader since Caligula, Putin should look out for that playboy Jewish oligarch who owns the Brooklyn Nets! He may still yet be coming for you, Vlad!


The nihilists who have usurped the Republican Party (aka Reich-wing) really have any sense of fair play or proportionately/humanness in their unhinged attacks, don’t you know! That Herr Drumpf wasn’t laughed off every podium — and shunned like the Amish do — even before he became the resident should have been more of a significant sign to me now looking back on it, I think.

His frothing at the mouth supporters make Kathy Griffin-like attacks literally every day! Like this nutter that just stabbed those people in Portland, and came out ranting about free speech in court! Yeah, Dumbo free speech and stabbings are “truly simpatico”! Standard practice though for the Trumpanzee — and his (or her) use of “logic”/illogic, when observed in its natural environment!

We should not only look at what’s developing in front of us at the present, but think about it all historically withal… Herr Drumpf is not only a disgrace to the United States of America, but to humanity in toto! We are going to be asked by people who are only little children today — and others who are not even alive (in the future if there is one), what did you do when this scourge/human plague rose to ascendancy! And so, kudos to all who are active in resistance to Not Mein Fuhrer, and all of the atrociousness and horrendous policies that this disreputable man represents as well!

It is said that cash is king. But celebrity is king in America, and anyone who is not famous is then (unequivocally) a loser! Glitz, bling, and hyper-materialism are our culture. And then we go around bombing people — who may have actual real cultures — all around this world! And then of course, “They hate us because of our freedoms!” Is the explanation coming from the power elites, and the sycophantic organs of their rapscallionism, and sordid tripe!

Well I say that’s wrong! And thanks to Snowden, what exactly are our freedoms anyhow? I’ve even heard the sales of Orwell’s great work (1984) are really exceptionally/excessively off the hook right now! The resistance I think in 1984 was called the Brotherhood. We need a major resistance to the Republicrat/Democanic treachery, and that’s for certainty! Without it the future, I don’t think, looks very bright my friends. (Power to all of the Turkish people, and that’s the kind of thing that we need to be seeing in the States right now!) In Germany they are now greeting our grand overlord Obama, and grilling him about the American Stasi tactics too. But still, nevertheless then, I guess it’s welcome to the Obama-led New World Order my friends! What at all really else can one say? Or can one do?