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It looks like Drumpf is heartily looking to “get his war on”! (Did folks see or hear that fake Christian, faux minister who was out there saying the Bible allows Drumpf to do anything and everything militarily that he would choose?) Since he’s failed with MAGA and never had any plans or policies to reindustrialize the country (just empty talk). A lot of these “liberal” imperialist scribes will be much like Brian Williams when he was getting his jollies over those planes or missiles whatever that was during that charade in Syria!


You kind of have to read American/Western media articles on Venezuela the way Russians had to read Pravda in the old Soviet Union. You pretty much have to read between the lines, and pick up tidbits that don’t seem to jive with the overall narrative of the reportage er indoctrination(?). Also I’ve found it interesting for some time that such a bright light in the MSM is put on places like Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, et cetera, and yet numerous friendly governments (in Latin America but also in many other places such as the Gulf Arab totalitarian monarchies of the Middle East) have many of the same, if not worse, practices that the West alleges about the aforementioned Latin American states. However, we just don’t seem to see the same hue and cry about Paraguay, or Colombia or Honduras — places such as that, which are allied with the US. And this also gives our press and State Department little credibility IMHO. Of course, I’m for all the things that go along with the democratic ideal, but outside of the West there aren’t many nations in the world that have them. A lot of nations hold elections, but are very authoritarian, and of course the US State Department considers them much better than countries that hold no elections at all (which dozens of countries do not [hold elections] that are US allies).

I don’t excuse any country for not being an ideal bastion of human rights and democracy, but by this standard I’m not sure — that any country period in the world — meets it to complete and total fruition. And so, it’s fine I guess for the West to go around holier than thou — and many Western countries are certainly better on a wide number of fronts than non-Western ones, but at the same time they also have many blemishes too. And in this holier than thou and arrogant proudness the hypocrisy of who appointed these handful of countries to be (international) lord certainly rings clear! Everyone (country) is essentially already “going with the flow”, of course, but in many cases the West acts as if it has been a model citizen for so long.

The ultimate solution to a just international order, I must admit that I don’t have all the answers for. It involves the Western nations clearing up their processes at home to nearer meet the absolute best principles/ideals of democracy, and it also involves I think for the West not to ally with nations such as the Gulf monarchies that have little to nothing in common with Western values. And furthermore, I think that the nations that have been proclaimed the so-called rogue ones cannot be positioned there solely for being independent of the Western sphere of influence. And so its only by starting from these basic precepts that can the West gain any credence/credibility/currency, I think, with many of us in the world who find the West’s rhetoric and hypocritical henpecking of “subaltern” nation-states to be laughable at best, and even sinful or a deep and harmful crime/malefaction at the absolute worst and most severe.

I think this is very interesting, the kind of thing that our MSM doesn’t show. Haitians overjoyed that Nicolas Maduro is visiting Haiti — with pro-Maduro and Chavez posters. It’s interesting I don’t know that much about Haitian President Martelly. He was anti-Aristide, but has gotten along with both Chavez and Maduro. I don’t understand Haiti that well, but Aristide’s — ousted by a US-backed coup, of course, exiled to South Africa for a while and now again living in his native Haiti — party is still by far the most popular Haitian Party. Since the coup his party has not been able to run in the elections (Fanmi Lavalas). The Haitian elite has machinated so that Fanmi Lavalas cannot even field a candidate! I don’t speak French/Creole, but still worth viewing though, I think.

Chavez was very fond of Haiti, I think Haiti aided Venezuela in a key time in its history when they were fighting Spain for their independence. I believe that this visit took place on Tuesday, June 25th.

Self-styled Latin America expert Nicolas Kozloff has only just recently attacked the eminently admirable Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa. In a column for America Online’s Huffington Post Kozloff describes the laudable Ecuadorian leader as “dubious”, and with (according to Kozloff) “backward tendencies”. Kozloff is unequivocally immensely dubious, and what his tendencies are I won’t even venture to say, but to attack such a genuine article populist/progressive leader as Correa is certainly deeply wrong — and an egregiously disagreeable thing for this Ecuadorian “aficionado” in my opinion to say.

Additionally, Kozloff attacks Correa for his policies vis a vis the Ecuadorian media. In contradistinction, I find these slanders against Correa to be akin to those leveled against Hugo Chavez in relation to RCTV (Radio Caracas Television). In that case of course Chavez had closed a station, that was complicit in taking part in a violent attempted coup d’etat against him! Noam Chomsky even once commented on that particular incidence/situation. And the noted linguist and political philosopher, opined that if an analogous event had taken place in the US; that the principals of the station would have, incontrovertibly, been tried and put to death!

The Real News Network examined some of the purported claims out there that Correa is heavy-handed, and unfair with the Ecuadorian media. Finding them wanting, and that Correa has actually opened up more space for exploration, investigation, heterogeneity and diversity in the Ecuadorian press! Prior to Correa out of seven private networks, five of them were owned by banks. Correa made it illegal for banks to any longer own television networks, and today there are four public networks in Ecuador and three private ones.

Correa questions the entire “quintessential” model of what has become known as a free press in the United States. Considering it to actually be a model of private networks in the communications business that are more interested in making a profit, rather than adhering closely to the ideal fundamental principles of journalism, and diligently informing the general public/citizens. Moreover, Correa finds that the private ownership of media will ineluctably lead to stories/investigations presenting themselves that will pose a conflict of interest to the ownership. And in Correa’s view the ownership will, of course, side with its interest — over the public one — in each and every case!

We have seen the reality of this in the not too distant past in the United States. As the Fox News Channel acted as an apologist for, and played down their owner’s (Rupert Murdoch’s) phone hacking scandal in the UK. In fact, the British Parliament even rendered a verdict that the Aussie tabloid monger Murdoch was unfit to run a major business! Something that I don’t think was even reported whatsoever/at all on Fox. Nor was it widely reported in the US mainstream press! One of Murdoch’s gutter/yellow journalism tabloids, the News of the World, even unconscionably hacked the phone of a missing (murdered) 13-year old girl. Something not known at the time, and her family has even said that this had given them false hope that their daughter may have still been alive! (Again this was not reported by Fox, or widely whatsoever in the US so-called free and “mainstream” press.) MSNBC when General Electric was its parent company, did not really make a lot of the issue of its owner’s failure to pay any taxes in 2010, although it is ostensibly a left-liberal oriented network; promoting higher taxes on stateless global jet-setting corporations like General Electric, rather than common “working stiffs”!

Returning to Ecuador and President Correa, however, Correa has furthermore responded to attacks upon his media strategy, by asking why a nation that ostensibly touts press freedom, is guilty of the torture of Private Bradley Manning!!? (A man who, undeniably, made available a good deal of information to the US and the Western so-called free press.) Journalists are, of course, supposed to protect their sources — if not derelict in their chosen craft — yet a source that provided major fodder for US and Western media, has not received sufficient indignation/outrage; certainly, in said media over of his crass, barbaric and inhuman treatment!

I must admit that I have not followed Nicolas Kozloff’s work very assiduously, but I do believe; however, that he fancies himself a supporter of the Bolivarian Revolution. Perhaps Kozloff only supports Venezuelan progressivism/revolutionary change, whilst he condemns the other ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas) nations, though! Support for the Bolivarian Revolution certainly does not equate to support for every nation that is a part of ALBA, but Chavez was a “pan-Latin Americanist” undoubtedly, I’d say. And he was not only instrumental in the germination of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, of course, but the CELAC (Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) organization as well! And CELAC, in fact, includes amongst its ranks such right-of-center Latin American governments as: Chile, Guatemala, Honduras, Paraguay, and Colombia. Colombia a nation with an abysmal human rights record, and a close ally of the US and the West — both of which, irrefutably, have innumerable “backward tendencies”.

Other attacks that Kozloff levels upon Correa are his allegiances with Iran and Belarus. Whatever Kozloff thinks of the human rights, civil liberties, and democracy (or lack thereof) in these countries. Both countries are, in truth, prominent nations insofar as nations attempting to strive for sovereignty on this Earth! And moreover, these are two insurgent nations that have been critical players in attempting to reinvigorate the — for far too long lying virtually entirely dormant — NAM (Non-Aligned Movement). In a world dominated by Machiavellian, and wholly unethical powers; a panoply of options, I don’t think, are afforded to most states. And particularly developing ones that are “seditious” and/or “mutinous” nations, and even nations who would submit to “brazenly” — not follow the path that is laid out for them — and to plumb go against the grain! Nicaragua is currently mulling a plan for China to build a Panama-like canal. Perhaps Kozloff does wholly condemn this (I cannot of course intuit his positions/views)? China is undeniably a nation whose human rights record could, of course, be examined quite strongly.

Venezuela also has good relations, as well as cooperation agreements, with both the nations of Belarus and the Islamic Republic of Iran! In fact, I believe that most of the ALBA nations do as well. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was; in fact, the only European head of state, to give the late President Chavez the dignity of attending his funeral. And Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sat next to Raul Castro at the deceased President Chavez’s funeral service! President Ahmadinejad also received flak for hugging Chavez’s grieving mother at said funeral, which many in the Islamic Republic consider to be haram. Ahmadinejad additionally stated at the time of the death of President Chavez that he would return one day with Jesus Christ, and the Imam Madhi — a significant figure in the theology of Shia Islam.

I am not arguing that Correa has a spotless, virginal, or unmitigatedly pristine record! No indeed, that’s not what I’m arguing at all. But neither did FDR, Charles De Gaulle, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Hugo Chavez or the original incarnation of the Sandinistas! Certainly, we do not want to be apologists for every action that the Correa government/administration engages or partakes in! But a dubious figure, and moreover a disreputable individual — replete with backward tendencies? I’m deeply sorry Monsieur Kozloff, but unequivocally and rather indisputably no.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has just this week met with the French Prime Minister Francois Hollande. I hope that Maduro is operating on a keep your enemies closer premise! Hollande is such a pretender to socialism, that he’d undoubtedly welcome a junta led by the venal knave Henrique Capriles Radonski! France may look like a puffy and fuzzy old teddy bear — as compared to the US, but still; nevertheless, I say that it’s important for the Bolivarian President Maduro to operate based upon a keep one’s enemies closer thesis.

The American Christian right, which cannot understand the Holy Bible, is now jubilant today over the death of Hugo Chavez. Their leader taught them to love one’s enemies, in fact, he taught them to love everyone; instead, those of us who have to suffer in a nation with these obtuse — and virulently stupid and ignorant people — know what constitutes their character, or lack thereof, without fail though. These people would have us living in a theocratic state like that of Saudi Arabia, if these lunkheads had their first and foremost choice, after all.

Chavez himself told Larry King that he loved Jesus Christ, was an altar boy as a youth, and Chavez was, of course, a Roman Catholic. The radical anti-Christiandom from the American hard right is nothing new, for certainty. These people wouldn’t know the message of the Prince of Peace if it hit them upside the head. Their message in this humble observer’s opinion is more akin, to that of the aforementioned pacific Prince’s mortal adversary, though. Leading one to wonder if there is something more to all of the scandals, corruption, and malfeasance that has been evidenced over the years by televangelists, megachurch leaders, prominent Evangelicals — and purported staunch pious believers in the teachings and the message of their: savior, redeemer and Son of Man.

In my opinion President Chavez, doesn’t look long for this world. And moreover kinda Jabba the Hut-esque. US marionette dictator Capriles Radonski sadly probably before we know it. I wonder how many Chavistas will be slaughtered and/or disappeared? With Barry’s blessing no doubt. It will be more Pepsi-Cola hope and change. We could also be looking at another Orlando Letelier-type situation not very far down the road. Maybe Maduro, Jaua, or Cabello will find refuge here — after Radonski establishes his junta. The Radonski junta will undoubtedly be another undemocratic regime that we’ll find no problem with. Similar to the Lobo one after Manuel Zelaya was so unceremoniously ousted. US foreign policy so often reminds one of the infamous Roosevelt quote, “Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.” (Referring to the ruthless, and ironfisted Nicaraguan dictator — who was viewed as a bulwark against communism — but whose family ran the country.)

“I like Latin America; I view South America as the underdog in this situation. As a moviemaker I tend to make movies about people who don’t get a fair shake.” – Academy Award winning filmmaker, Oliver Stone

“One of the hemisphere’s great democratic leaders.” – George H.W. Bush on Carlos Andres Perez

Obama sounds very ignorant and uniformed and shortsighted, when he speaks on the issue of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Poverty’s down, literacy is up, education is up, and there are even more alternative voices in the Venezuelan media — which is actually largely right-wing. Obama’s blathering on Venezuela, would seem to be lacking a lot of verifiable substance and certifiable facts; and indeed, most Latin American countries had US puppets in power for years, and with dismal/wanting results. Chavez and all the others, in fact, represent, the failure of decades of US policy in Latin America.

Apparently, Obama didn’t read Eduardo Galeano’s Open Veins of Latin America, given to him by Chavez; I don’t think Obama reads anything but the sports pages (we already know that he loves to fill out the NCAA brackets). And as to the issue of Venezuela’s relations with so-called rogue states — as determined by the incomparable rogue state the US — Cuba is now going the way of China, and it has become increasingly ridiculous for our power elite to criticize its “socialist” path. In relation to Iran, Venezuela, of course — unlike the United States — has a foreign policy, that doesn’t involve hating upon countries, that have different systems (or ways of being) than it does.

Chavez has even negotiated better relations with the US bosom puppet state, Colombia, since Juan Manuel Santos came to power. Santos has proven to be somewhat more pragmatic vis-a-vis Venezuela, than his predecessor Alvaro Uribe aka “little Bush”, who Chavez even efforted to work with at times. Uribe strongly attacked his successor for, ultimately, coming to amicable terms with the Bolivarian President. And Chavez was attacked by some on the left for appeasement with the reactionary, serial human rights violating — and supine to the United States — Colombian regime.

Regarding, all of the hoopla relating to the shutting down of the anti-regime channel RCTV, the actual truth of the matter is that the Venezuelan media, is probably freer — and far more open — than the United States media is. Certainly, at least, as a check or an opposition. And moreover, the Venezuelan state media actually has very limited pull; and in fact, the United States media, often acts as a state run media, and not one that is free to report in its pertinent, exacting and judicious role would.

For example, when Obama went into Libya, he did not even consider the Constitution — which was sparsely reported by the MSM. And moreover, the US and NATO almost immediately violated the Libyan UN Resolution in their bombing campaign against that country; and the legalities of that were again sparsely, if at all, commented upon by the mainstream press. In addition, the extrajudicial killing of United States citizens with drones, has not been given its due attention — and has not been rigorously debated — in the US mainstream media so-called dialogue and/or “public square”.

Noam Chomsky, I think, is an illustrative example of the narrow limitations of the US mainstream press. He is, unequivocally, one of the preeminent scholars in the United States — who is in the same “citation league” as Marx, Lenin, Shakespeare, Plato, Cicero, Aristotle and Freud — and he is rarely seen or heard from in the US corporatist press. Why this is so, is certainly up for question/debate, but his sentiment on Israel is certainly a likely culprit; for this, seemingly troubling and irrational stance.

Numerous other noted scholars, authors, and commentators are completely blacklisted from the United States “mainstream” media and press. The media landscape is, in fact, filled with platitude repeating dittoheads and so-called political experts that willfully, and willingly seek to assuage the professional political class. The alleged watchdog role of the media, has certainly seemed to have deteriorated, to that of a lap dog press.

Returning to the question of Venezuela, however, Chavez actually originally came to notoriety, leading a movement against the US-backed Carlos Andres Perez regime. At the time hundreds, were killed in an anti-IMF riot, and his supporters now commonly refer to that day as ‘4F’. Although, Chavez was involved in an attempted coup d’etat, on that occasion, his supporters say this action took place — within the backdrop of a society — that was highly undemocratic and remarkably socially unjust. And not only that, but popular demonstrations, were violently suppressed under this US-backed “democratic” administration. One wonders what the private citizen Obama, was enunciating back then — if anything at all?

Obama — who has hailed Ronald Reagan more than once — is just once again showing his true, nauseating and despicable inner colors. Though he has now long since been unmasked (for any who would care to look), it is just so saddening to see this kind of anachronistic mentality, still being pushed on to emancipating nations of the Global South. Particularly by Obama, of course — a man of partial Kenyan ancestry, proffering this sort of cipherous bile, ridiculous claptrap, and preposterous trash. Venezuela, a comparatively diminutive country, is simply seeking to set out upon an autonomous path. It is a country that is after its own singularly unique, robust and purposeful course.

American right-wing and “liberal” critics of Chavez media policies, I don’t think understand the Venezuelan media. The vast majority of the media is consolidated and private in Venezuela — just like the US. And as right-wing talk radio blatherers call the “mainstream” media the liberal media here — when it is actually right-wing — the Venezuelan private media is that way too. As usual up is down in the US reporting on Venezuela. For example, Columbia Journalism School professor, John Dines, had this to say about the award, that was presented to Chavez, “For a journalism school to give [Chávez] a prize setting him up as a model seems to be a contradiction or it means the La Plata journalism school has adopted the view of communication viewed by Chávez: that … state-controlled, direct communication is preferable to independent media and journalism as we know it.”

But what this “learned” professor fails to understand about Venezuela is that Chavez has actually added diversity — and more plurality of opinion — through his media efforts. I don’t look to Obama for forward thinking or vision, on anything in this country, but he should certainly look to add diversity and plurality of opinion here too! And with Comcast taking over the only ostensibly liberal channel in this country, that certainly doesn’t look to be happening — under “team Obama’s” charge.

“We were always cautious about the triumph of President Obama. Early on, we began to take note of the truth, that the empire is here, alive and more threatening than ever.”

– Hugo Chavez Frias

It is said when you can’t beat ’em, that you might as well make common cause with them, but in the case of President Hugo Chavez and the government of Venezuela this doesn’t seem to be the logical choice of the U.S. State Department, and the corporate ‘mainstream’ media at all. Since, the Obama State Department and its auxiliaries are incapable of debunking the unequivocal success of the Bolivarian revolution, and since the CIA’s forays into the Bolivarian Republic have been far from a success; the corporate MSM seems to be employing the strategy, that if you can’t beat ’em, then you might as well throw a whole bunch of mud in their eye.

Craven, and seemingly incapable of a fair fight, the corporate ‘mainstream’ media egregiously; goes for the low blow, each and every time. The propaganda and half-truth, levied against the sitting Venezuelan President, at times veers into the realm of classifying Chavez as a dictatorial strongman — which has never stopped the U.S. government before — but I think the lion’s share of the effort to impugn and delegitimize Chavez, is to make him out to be playing with something far short of a full deck.

Perhaps most recognizably, we have seen the baseness of the coverage of President Chavez in colorful remarks that he has made about George W. Bush being the devil, or in his referring to Sarah Palin as a confused beauty pageant contestant. These comments have been made out to be the zenith of President Chavez’s intellectual powers. And although the Venezuela leader, may — at times — make these sort of flip, off the cuff remarks and comments; his raising of serious and incisive points about the United States empire and belligerent ‘hegemonic’ power; generally go unnoticed by a media, seemingly looking to do nothing other than lampoon and skewer the Bolivarian President.

Presumably, anyone who opposes — and has a coherent critique — of U.S. neocolonialism and imperialism is some kind of a buffoon or imbecile. History, of course, ended long ago, and anyone looking to swim against the tide of the straitjacket that the wealthiest countries want to affix upon the rest of humanity, apparently must be hopelessly misinformed and/or wildly out of touch. Never do the so-called mainstream media reliable sources, focus on figures like a drop in poverty from 71% in 1996 to 23% in 2010, or that Venezuela, long ago, met its UN Millennium Development targets. Instead, slander, invective, and a generalized muddying of the waters, are the tools of the ‘diligent reporting’ of the ‘venerable’ corporatist press. Read the rest of this entry »