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Dr. Tarpley spent the whole first half of World Crisis Radio talking about the lawsuit. It seems Trump was not lying about going after the 1st amendment. Tarpley thinks this is an unprecedented effort, but I don’t think the full research is in yet. (As I understand his point no president or first lady or would-be president or would-be first lady has tendered this kind of suit.) He also thinks that a historian making a modest living in the DC suburbs can’t contest such a suit as this as easily as one of the biggest scandal sheets of Great Britain! Folks in the alternative media — including that hate him, should take heed of this, and the kind of potential chilling effect that this can have on small, independent and usually inadequately resourced media.

Trump I think owes a lot to certain segments of the alternative media… And so, I would think that these segments that are friendly to Trump would be concerned about this, although I don’t expect that they will be.


Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley has done some excellent work/reports on the former Ukraine. Anyone should be able to find a plethora of information about them on his website by simply searching Donetsk. It may be somewhat belated to mention these reports, but I saw an article today that mentioned it (the Donesk People’s Republic) and so it brought them to mind.

They (the DPR) have rejected neoliberalism in their Constitution, I believe. The president is an electrical engineer who has worked in coal mines; they are working to become the world’s leader in coal mining tools; and one of the slogans of the Donetsk People’s Republic leadership is even back to the state. Additionally, they are opening up state-owned supermarkets, which Dr. Tarpley reported he has been in personally and they are fine (lol)/lovely establishments, indeed!

And moreover, although we know that there are many fascist and neo-Nazi elements in the Western Ukraine there have also been anti-Semitic charges leveled at the East/Novorossiya, and yet the Foreign Minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic is a Jewish man by the name of Alexander Kofman?!