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This Drumpf gambit vis a vis Qatar is probably really about cutting off the lifeline to Hamas. I wonder if we are seeing the opening stages to the Netanyahu final solution in Gaza! (Which Brendan O’Connell has been talking about extensively on his Youtube channel.) Now that Netanyahu has his shoe shine boy, and lackey at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (and a Mossad asset Kushner with such an extensive role of prominence/uber-portfolio)…

Hamas is being wise though, if they (the Zionists, the Gulf potentates and Netanyahu’s lackey Drumpf) are successful in turning the screws to at least successfully cow Qatar, they are going back to Iran — realizing their Sunni brethren as basically fakers at least IMHO Iran is a much better bet for them. In fact, I think relations between the two dropped to rock bottom when Morsi was in power, but since Sisi’s coup I think they’ve understood — don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone, essentially — and have slowly been gravitating back to the initial Axis of Resistance (Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran).


Critics have labeled the current Israeli Likudnik government that is comprised of right-wing as well as religious parties, as the most extreme in that nation’s history. It features a Justice Minister (sic), Ayelet Shaked, a Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely and a Minister of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev who are all far out of step/out of line with international law and in fact the international consensus essentially of what should be the “rules of the road” for the long, arduous, and likewise seemingly neverending Israel/Palestine conflict. Moreover, all of these personages/individuals that occupy these positions in the Israeli government, of course, just happen to be women. And in truth, these “fair” ladies can certainly be said to be the hateful sirens of Netanyahu’s warped and indeed extraordinarily disturbed apartheidic vision!

Ayelet Shaked’s “claim to fame” is, of course, her now deleted Facebook posting in which, she declared the entire Palestinian people the enemy, “…including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.” Notwithstanding an extensive detailing of all of the sanction of war crimes that is implied by the potential policy implementation of that statement, in an actual Israeli military campaign — and particularly when considering perpetrating that type of military/war-related activity upon an illegally (for 48 years) occupied population — but it also seems to be reminiscent of Israel’s terroristic Dayiha doctrine. A doctrine that it has employed in Beirut, Lebanon, the title of which refers to the Dahiya neighborhood of that city, and an incident that took place there in August 2006 in which large numbers of civilians were either directly killed by bombs or crushed, as they huddled in the debris of their freshly destroyed homes.

Considering that there is no foreign minister in the current government, the deputy then is the de facto one. Tzipi Hotolvely defends the annexation by Israel of the whole of the West Bank, and as part and parcel of a plan that is widely supported in the Netanyahu government of a Jewish one-state solution. This is not at all the same as the secular and democratic one-state solution that is supported by such courageous Jewish Israeli people as Ilan Pappe and Miko Peled. That proposal calls for equal rights for Palestinian and Jewish citizens, antithetical by all means to the nefarious as well as diabolical desires/designs, indeed, of the Netanyahu sirens.

The present culture minister of Israel, makes no pretensions about a two-state solution. In an interview that she gave in 2013 she said, “When the prime minister delivered the (June 2009) Bar Ilan speech in which he expressed support for the two-state doctrine, that was not ok with me. My opinion has not changed. In the end, when you consider the two states for two nations…”

Most if not all of these people — those cut from the same Likudim cloth as the three sirens — use the incendiary and irresponsible rhetoric of Judea and Samara (with the implication being that it was given to the Jews by God and no one else) to refer to the West Bank. (The West Bank that will, of course, be the major part of the future Palestinian state, at least under the two-state rubric.) And so, the bigoted rhetoric of Judea and Samara is clearly not helpful at all for anyone who is even the slightest bit serious or concerned about ever achieving peace, which these women clearly are not!

Palestinians are repeatedly harangued by the Western and US media, to recognize Israel’s right to exist. But aggressive promotion of the illegal settlements and complete abandonment — and even thumbing one’s nose at — the two-state solution essentially amounts to not recognizing the Palestinians’ right to it (existence). Save perhaps as second, third, or fourth-class citizens within the ranks of a fascistoid regime, quite literally! And although, it’s no surprise that in the Zionist-occupied media that there’s a total absence of any sort of hue and cry about this; nonetheless, the reactionary, scofflaw and international pariahial-nature, at least according to any sane/reasonable international institutions (as well as governments), of the Netanyahu Likudnik administration can no longer be abated! And indeed, these three exceedingly disagreeable women most assuredly represent a dark cadre that exists within it, and one that can undeniably be called the wholly contemptible Israeli Prime Minister’s beloved, “Sirens of Apartheid.”

The zio-Wahhabis never attack Israel, they seem to be wholly committed to the Zionist cause. Thus the name zio-Wahhabis, lol. What kind of a Caliph says nothing about the savagery we’ve just witnessed by the Zionist entity against his brethren (mainly Sunni Muslims) in essentially the “Warsaw Ghetto” of Gaza?!

I mean their name initially included the Levant (not sure the meaning of IS they want to take over the world now?, a new branding/marketing strategy?). It’s not like we’re talking about some far away and distant land here. This Caliph’s military strategy and pronouncements somehow seem to be lacking a strategy to overtake the Zionist-occupied territory in the Levant!

Al-Monitor has some principles that the Salafis follow, not surprisingly these groups haven’t gained much of a foothold in Gaza. Bernie Sanders was recently using some Zionist propaganda seemingly saying that we have to stand with Israel as kind of a bulwark against IS and Salafism. Undoubtedly, also implying in his statement that Israel is an “enlightened force” and a “force for good”. But these groups have so many concerns prior to the Palestinians that it’s not even funny, though.

There’s not much doubt that many social justice struggles are certainly unfinished. The full recognition of the rights of far too many are still not redressed, unfortunately. However, Western colonialism is one dark mark upon the history books that it had appeared was largely closed. Although there certainly still exists neo-colonialism, paternalism, and neoimperialism that’s unquestionable without a doubt, but the type of brute savagery being visiting upon the Palestinian Gazans by a direct occupying force that kind just isn’t seen a lot, if at all, any longer. And Zionist colonialists in the West (the external supporters of Israeli state terrorism), for certainty, though are a strong force — and convinced of their own “righteousness” withal. And despite their deep antipathy to the widely recognized right side of history, they are stalwart and will go kicking and screaming into the future of Israel one day, hopefully, going about its business much/quite differently.

For Israel to not just wantonly slaughter its opponents (and particularly their women and children) of course, but actually sitting down and speaking with them, as President Jimmy Carter and former Irish President Mary Robinson have recommended. To realize that the Zionist project is a totally, utterly and wholly outmoded one, that wouldn’t have had a place in a more enlightened human history; no doubt, but in the real human history that we all know and deal with, it certainly doesn’t have any place in twenty-first century either, in truth.

The Western media went into an apoplectic fit of rage when Russia retroceded Crimea. And although there’s not much intelligence in said media, it’s looking clear that Israel has major designs on one day fully engulfing both Gaza and the West Bank. And thus Palestine a nation recognized as an observer at the United Nations will, of course, cease to exist.

Is the Western media just as Zionist-occupied as the United States Congress is? That would quite sadly almost certainly definitely seem to be the case. Of course, the illegal movement of settlers is ongoing, and has been for some time with the tacit approval by the Obama regime, as well as, very little ink spilt on the subject coming from the mainstream press. Obama has two noted “humanitarian” warmongers in his closer advisory group (Susan Rice and Samantha Power) that are allegedly beside themselves anytime a rogue regime or dictator, freely and repulsively executes its own citizens. And yet these “humanitarian” bombers have fallen silent when it comes to the Israeli dastardly deeds that we’ve been witnessing for the last 30-plus days. And now, of course, Obama’s currently feigning concern for the oppressed Yazidis, whilst he doesn’t appear to have/show one whit of concern for a the people of a territory that even the Tory Prime Minister of Great Britain has called “an open-air prison”.

In a recent speech George Galloway said that he met Barack Obama at a demonstration, and that he spoke to him for a while. Obama told the British parliamentarian during this conversation that he’d been “well schooled” by Edward Said on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. If that is true then the late and great Professor Said, must be rolling over in his grave at the actions of his wayward pupil! The horrors that Obama permits via acts of omission (as well as commission) are truly astounding, indeed.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has already “spilled the beans” on the oath that is forcibly taken by all in the US Congress, but for Obama, a second term president, who; of course, no longer has to stand for reelection again it is truly reprehensible, for certainty, his approval of this Israeli slaughter! Perhaps some Zionists, such as “the senator from Israel” Chuck Schumer, though, might accuse Obama of that disreputable canard of anti-Semitism (when it is invoked upon those who only criticize the Zionist terrorist/rogue entity) if he were to finally find his backbone on some issue, and end this barbarian savagery!

But nevertheless these scare tactics and the constant invocation of the “A word” and the Holocaust won’t any longer cut the mustard! The world and particularly the younger generations are wising up to the Zionist schtick! A schtick that I certainly hope that anyone who is not sociopathic — unlike Obama of course, can capably discern the butchery which the Zionist rogue entity readily, willingly and repeatedly rains down on the near virtually wholly defenseless Palestinian population! That is to say to actually see through the propaganda that is of depicting Hamas as an 800-pound gorilla/bogeyman and with so many tentacles — and indeed with a myriad of shape-shifting powers “quite conceivably” — that when one cuts off one protrusion/extension of them, an infinite number would appear to take its place after the aforementioned (egregious) blow to their exterior! And so, that is “very reasonably” why more women and children must be proffered to die for the Zionist cause “of course” then!

Proportionality belies the “rationality” of the Zionist terrorist machine, however, much like Hitler’s invasion of Russia the delusions of power, are starting to be very clearly evidenced by Netanyahu and his lunatic clique of co-religionists, though. The death drive of Netanyahu and his clique is certainly starting to be readily transparent for all who are willing to observe it. And although it might be truly brilliant for some powerful military to go in, and bomb into submission — once and for all — the Zionist terror menace of Israel back into the Paleozoic era; instead, however we’ll have to hope that enough hearts and minds have been affected by this ongoing nakba, and that the world will indeed turn most assuredly. And not only turn against the Zionist terrorist machine/mechanism, but the Obama regime/coterie/insider circle as well very much also!

Isolation and derision hopefully can be more powerful, and more forceful than guns and bombs ever could be! Nevertheless, it will of course entail great patience for the ultimate goal (and the ultimate endgame) to meet its fruition, which is undoubtedly: the one-state solution, a democratic nation, and with equal rights for all of its citizens.

Those who are soft on anti-Semitism are just as bad as those who are soft on fascism in my opinion. In fact, any student of history knows how often the two have been connected. I’m a critic of Israel and Zionism certainly by the way. The Jewish religion and Jewish people I’m not a critic of, however. I’m prepared to defend anything I have ever opined about Israel or Zionism as fair debate (in the realm of what should be the acceptable political discourse). I don’t see a Jewish conspiracy controlling this planet. And quite frankly, I think that those who do should be rightly, and properly fitted for a straight-jacket or in fact quite possibly a padded room! Why some so-called progressives work with sites such as Veterans Today or The Jeff Rense Show — I must say I don’t care to waste my time monitoring these outlets assiduously day by day, they have certainly printed anti-Semitic hate (more than once) before in the past Rense hosts the former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke on his radio network, as well as the founder of the Stormfront white supremacist Internet forum Don Black on his radio network too — that spew anti-Semitic bosh and tripe, it truly beggars belief/boggles my mind how any such individuals can call themselves progressives at all!

I could name names certainly, but I definitely don’t want to turn this into some kind of quasi-form of McCarthyism. And so instead, I’ll simply leave readers with the question of which I have chosen to title this article; the conspiracy of the Jewish cabal that controls the world, the most lunatic of conspiracy theories (that exists out there) of them all?!

I should say that I am not one of “that crowd” who knee-jerk/reflexively ridicules conspiracy theories. Like just about any subject matter there are very learned and rational people proffering opinion(s) and thoughts within a particular intellectual sphere or realm, and there are very deluded, angry, disturbed and perhaps even mentally deranged people proposing things as well.

I don’t know what others hear, but I see (and hear) a lot of speculation about a little know Orthodox Jewish sect known as the Chabad Lubavitch. I don’t know a lot about them, some of the more scurrilous stuff I am, of course, loath to entertain. Interesting thing about Chabad they are one of the top Orthodox groups in terms of the number of countries that they have a presence in. They are also Zionist, I understand many Orthodox Jews are not Zionist.

I watched a Gilad Atzmon video the other day, where he says that Israel is secular. He prefers the term ethnocracy for Israel, doesn’t think it’s a theocracy obviously. I’ve concluded the Jewish race is a falsehood, it seems like Atzmon doesn’t (although he was just commenting on a video where one presenter said Israel was based upon religion and another referred to Israel as an ethnocracy, he definitely preferred the latter classification). I think he is correct in the classification of it as a ethnocracy, though. Although the Jewish race may be a socially constructed designation/delineation, that doesn’t mean that a wide number of people don’t self-identify themselves in that way.

Increasingly, it has become apparent that elements who support either the one or two state solution, and not the evil status quo, consist of auxiliaries that cross the line in their criticism of Zionists/Jews. A number of alleged “learned”, and “intellectual” commentators have the Zionists engaging in so much activity, that it’s a wonder such ostensibly erudite commentators were even capable of keeping tabs/making up such lists at all! Leaving one to wonder, I think, if perhaps that they’ve just invented such unbelievable things — and with great zeal — virtually entirely out of whole cloth! Or even worse via their tortured, defective, and truly bent and twisted minds.

Veterans Today is one such locus of anti-Semitic opinion, that does nothing, but place a black mark on all of those in solidarity with the Palestinian people’s legitimate aspirations, and reasonable goals. Mike Harris, a frequent contributor to the execrable trash/base website, literally lost his mind one day on an Iranian Press TV’s News and Analysis program. Such inhuman trash need; undeniably, to be heartily kicked down/taken to the ground by reputable pro-Palestinian solidarity forces! To not do so is an error in judgement, unequivocally, that it is on an immense scale.

Anti-Semitic hornets’ nests must be decried, and stood up to (and shunned/scolded), as the dens of iniquity/villainy that they truly are. This puffball Gordon Duff that captains this accursed Veterans Today website, should be ashamed to show his face without anguish, and/or real fear of harsh contempt and sound repudiation! Duff has in the past admitted that he writes as much as 40% false material, so why reputable writers — and pro-Palestinian activists, journalists, and intellectuals — have published with this ass clown, truly defies reason! And not only this, but judging from his spurious philosophy he must have gone to a journalism school of professors, who all got their degrees from diploma mills!

Rags of such a vile, and ignominious nature will not forward the voices (and forces) that only want the humanity, and rights that all should be afforded. Proper humanity, dignity and rights for all of those, who just happen to be birthed into this world in occupied Palestinian Gaza, and the West Bank. To find Jews and/or Zionists machinating/manipulating under every rock, and being the surreptitious operators, behind virtually every world event is; unequivocally, fodder for the psychiatrist’s couch! Other than that, as has been said: for the sewer pipe or the garbage pail! One wonders if this Duff isn’t one of these mole people, living in the gutters of New York! How he’d get so large, if so, truly boggles the mind, however though.

We who criticize Israel’s barbarity — and its rock-solid uber Zionist supporters such as Barack Obama — have become accustomed to anti-Semitism being something levied upon us, by obtuse and myopic forces blinded by Zionism, or the state of Israel. We cannot be naive ingenues or innocent (and pure) as the freshly fallen snow; however, on this important issue! We cannot let ourselves fall into the beguilingly trap of assuming all of those — who on the surface level may appear to be our beneficent allies — are just as they seem. Indeed such vermin scum, when looking at them more closely may; in fact, not be as they (face value) appear!

Perhaps, I should conclude in stating that I know Israel, and/or Jews are doing a lot of bad stuff right now. So are Protestants, Catholics, and Muslims irrefutably, probably no group; in fact, can or should be left out! I don’t know what anti-Semitism is (precisely), but I think that you know it when you see it. The problem with the Likudniks of Israel (and even farther right forces), and their servile Likudnik lobby in America, is that just like their antithesis, they paint with far too broad a brush. When they do this, as a fact of the matter, they cheapen the strength of the term anti-Semitism. And so thusly, as in the case of the boy crying wolf, will anyone know when a true, and genuine alarm should have sounded!!? Will anyone know this particularly in considering that such an alarm — for a great while now — has been virtually consistently, rather cacophonously, and indeed altogether pervasively sounded.

The neo-Ottoman running dog for U$terrorist/NATO thinks that Zionism is a crime against humanity! How nice for them (U$terrorist/NATO). And Chuck Hagel cannot even say that he is a Senator from the United States of America!

This was a great article in Alternet recently. Erdogan had been really standing up to Israel, before he decided to be a lackey in the operation on Syria.