The arch villain of the purported War on Terrorism is said to have been shot and killed about 150 kilometers outside of Islamabad. The man that we were told was holed up in a cave — and on dialysis — was apparently living the high-life, in the Pakistani version of Sandhurst or West Point. With exceedingly high walls, and by burning his garbage on the premises this American persona non grata, had been hiding out — for God knows how long. All of this seems like the stuff of Tom Clancy novels, or cheap Hollywood spy fantasy thrillers, but hey everyone knows that the truth is stranger than fiction right!!?

George Bush said he was for a culture of life, but that was certainly good for quite a chuckle. Americans are so aloof about world events, that they, probably, aren’t even aware of, all of the death and destruction that America has perpetrated throughout the world. How many Americans are even aware of a million dead Iraqis? Since we are such a “peace-loving people” what’s the death of one mass killer. One former CIA asset gone bad!!? What’s assembling in a public square and mindlessly, frothing at the mouth, and chanting, “USA!, USA!, USA!” also. After all Saddam had also been the enemy of our enemy (at one time), and thus our companero. So therefore, I don’t think that it should come as a surprise that the sheople will celebrate — and not only that — but attach a scarlet letter to, any of those; who won’t join in the exultant, ravenous and celebratory groundswell.