The death of Chavez may actually be a birth. He was possibly the first to come via elections, and not be assassinated, and see his revolution through. And varying leaders of varying levels of progressive/revolutionary credentials have followed. The David Wilcocks don’t seem to have been right about 2012, but the shift may have happened in Latin America (quite possibly). Other than Colombia and a few outliers/dead-enders, U$terrorist/the Monroe Doctrine hopefully is gone for good, as a force of domination over the people of this land. Whether Chavez lives and returns or not, I think perhaps it’s too late for Langley, Obama, rogue actors inside the US government, and the Pentagon.

While Bush was fixated on Iraq, though he disgracefully couped Aristide — who only wanted dignified poverty for Haiti — something U$terrorist can and will not, under any means, accept for a black nation; Latin America and the Carribean I think may have been lost (for the imperialists) for good. Viva ALBA! Viva sovereignty for Latin American nations; instead, of a rogue “super”power coming to either surreptitiously or brazenly eradicate people’s/responsive governments. (For hispanohalblantes speeches from Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega, couped ex-Paraguayan leader Fernando Lugo among others have been posted on Telesur’s YouTube.)