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I think this is very interesting, the kind of thing that our MSM doesn’t show. Haitians overjoyed that Nicolas Maduro is visiting Haiti — with pro-Maduro and Chavez posters. It’s interesting I don’t know that much about Haitian President Martelly. He was anti-Aristide, but has gotten along with both Chavez and Maduro. I don’t understand Haiti that well, but Aristide’s — ousted by a US-backed coup, of course, exiled to South Africa for a while and now again living in his native Haiti — party is still by far the most popular Haitian Party. Since the coup his party has not been able to run in the elections (Fanmi Lavalas). The Haitian elite has machinated so that Fanmi Lavalas cannot even field a candidate! I don’t speak French/Creole, but still worth viewing though, I think.

Chavez was very fond of Haiti, I think Haiti aided Venezuela in a key time in its history when they were fighting Spain for their independence. I believe that this visit took place on Tuesday, June 25th.


The American Christian right, which cannot understand the Holy Bible, is now jubilant today over the death of Hugo Chavez. Their leader taught them to love one’s enemies, in fact, he taught them to love everyone; instead, those of us who have to suffer in a nation with these obtuse — and virulently stupid and ignorant people — know what constitutes their character, or lack thereof, without fail though. These people would have us living in a theocratic state like that of Saudi Arabia, if these lunkheads had their first and foremost choice, after all.

Chavez himself told Larry King that he loved Jesus Christ, was an altar boy as a youth, and Chavez was, of course, a Roman Catholic. The radical anti-Christiandom from the American hard right is nothing new, for certainty. These people wouldn’t know the message of the Prince of Peace if it hit them upside the head. Their message in this humble observer’s opinion is more akin, to that of the aforementioned pacific Prince’s mortal adversary, though. Leading one to wonder if there is something more to all of the scandals, corruption, and malfeasance that has been evidenced over the years by televangelists, megachurch leaders, prominent Evangelicals — and purported staunch pious believers in the teachings and the message of their: savior, redeemer and Son of Man.

In my opinion President Chavez, doesn’t look long for this world. And moreover kinda Jabba the Hut-esque. US marionette dictator Capriles Radonski sadly probably before we know it. I wonder how many Chavistas will be slaughtered and/or disappeared? With Barry’s blessing no doubt. It will be more Pepsi-Cola hope and change. We could also be looking at another Orlando Letelier-type situation not very far down the road. Maybe Maduro, Jaua, or Cabello will find refuge here — after Radonski establishes his junta. The Radonski junta will undoubtedly be another undemocratic regime that we’ll find no problem with. Similar to the Lobo one after Manuel Zelaya was so unceremoniously ousted. US foreign policy so often reminds one of the infamous Roosevelt quote, “Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.” (Referring to the ruthless, and ironfisted Nicaraguan dictator — who was viewed as a bulwark against communism — but whose family ran the country.)

The death of Chavez may actually be a birth. He was possibly the first to come via elections, and not be assassinated, and see his revolution through. And varying leaders of varying levels of progressive/revolutionary credentials have followed. The David Wilcocks don’t seem to have been right about 2012, but the shift may have happened in Latin America (quite possibly). Other than Colombia and a few outliers/dead-enders, U$terrorist/the Monroe Doctrine hopefully is gone for good, as a force of domination over the people of this land. Whether Chavez lives and returns or not, I think perhaps it’s too late for Langley, Obama, rogue actors inside the US government, and the Pentagon.

While Bush was fixated on Iraq, though he disgracefully couped Aristide — who only wanted dignified poverty for Haiti — something U$terrorist can and will not, under any means, accept for a black nation; Latin America and the Carribean I think may have been lost (for the imperialists) for good. Viva ALBA! Viva sovereignty for Latin American nations; instead, of a rogue “super”power coming to either surreptitiously or brazenly eradicate people’s/responsive governments. (For hispanohalblantes speeches from Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega, couped ex-Paraguayan leader Fernando Lugo among others have been posted on Telesur’s YouTube.)

Remember in this New Year to send out prayers and good thoughts into the universe for President Hugo Chavez. The imperialist devils have wanted him gone for 12 plus years, and now it only remains in the hands of eminently capable Cuban doctors. And moreover, forces such as God and the higher powers — if you at all believe in them. Whilst Obama drone bombs children, and supports radical Muslim extremists — exactly like those we are alleged to be against in the Global War on Terrorism — no doubt his deep loathing remains for a man: who has brought real hope, real change, a way out of poverty, opportunism, and optimism for so many. Even in the face of bellicose imperialist devils, as I aforementioned, who believe that the Monroe Doctrine entitles them to think that their neighbors to the South are like little children! (And Obama has unequivocally been amongst the worst in this regard, despite having a markedly different appearance than any and all of his past or recent predecessors.)

It has probably been Presidente Chavez’s spine, and his determination, that has so rankled his “magisterial” would-be overlords. Even more so than a humane/human-based, and pretty largely disparate ideology. And so pray for the latest of them: the Grand Obama. Pray for poor old Obama’s soul too! Why don’t you!!? I don’t personally, follow any particular faith tradition, but I’m well aware of the spiritual teaching, that is advised to a great many folks — which is to say love one’s enemies. Or like the Buddha had so effectively put it, “I should be like the sun, shining universally on all without seeking thanks or reward, able to take care of all sentient beings even if they are bad.”

“We were always cautious about the triumph of President Obama. Early on, we began to take note of the truth, that the empire is here, alive and more threatening than ever.”

– Hugo Chavez Frias

It is said when you can’t beat ’em, that you might as well make common cause with them, but in the case of President Hugo Chavez and the government of Venezuela this doesn’t seem to be the logical choice of the U.S. State Department, and the corporate ‘mainstream’ media at all. Since, the Obama State Department and its auxiliaries are incapable of debunking the unequivocal success of the Bolivarian revolution, and since the CIA’s forays into the Bolivarian Republic have been far from a success; the corporate MSM seems to be employing the strategy, that if you can’t beat ’em, then you might as well throw a whole bunch of mud in their eye.

Craven, and seemingly incapable of a fair fight, the corporate ‘mainstream’ media egregiously; goes for the low blow, each and every time. The propaganda and half-truth, levied against the sitting Venezuelan President, at times veers into the realm of classifying Chavez as a dictatorial strongman — which has never stopped the U.S. government before — but I think the lion’s share of the effort to impugn and delegitimize Chavez, is to make him out to be playing with something far short of a full deck.

Perhaps most recognizably, we have seen the baseness of the coverage of President Chavez in colorful remarks that he has made about George W. Bush being the devil, or in his referring to Sarah Palin as a confused beauty pageant contestant. These comments have been made out to be the zenith of President Chavez’s intellectual powers. And although the Venezuela leader, may — at times — make these sort of flip, off the cuff remarks and comments; his raising of serious and incisive points about the United States empire and belligerent ‘hegemonic’ power; generally go unnoticed by a media, seemingly looking to do nothing other than lampoon and skewer the Bolivarian President.

Presumably, anyone who opposes — and has a coherent critique — of U.S. neocolonialism and imperialism is some kind of a buffoon or imbecile. History, of course, ended long ago, and anyone looking to swim against the tide of the straitjacket that the wealthiest countries want to affix upon the rest of humanity, apparently must be hopelessly misinformed and/or wildly out of touch. Never do the so-called mainstream media reliable sources, focus on figures like a drop in poverty from 71% in 1996 to 23% in 2010, or that Venezuela, long ago, met its UN Millennium Development targets. Instead, slander, invective, and a generalized muddying of the waters, are the tools of the ‘diligent reporting’ of the ‘venerable’ corporatist press. Read the rest of this entry »