There’s not much doubt that many social justice struggles are certainly unfinished. The full recognition of the rights of far too many are still not redressed, unfortunately. However, Western colonialism is one dark mark upon the history books that it had appeared was largely closed. Although there certainly still exists neo-colonialism, paternalism, and neoimperialism that’s unquestionable without a doubt, but the type of brute savagery being visiting upon the Palestinian Gazans by a direct occupying force that kind just isn’t seen a lot, if at all, any longer. And Zionist colonialists in the West (the external supporters of Israeli state terrorism), for certainty, though are a strong force — and convinced of their own “righteousness” withal. And despite their deep antipathy to the widely recognized right side of history, they are stalwart and will go kicking and screaming into the future of Israel one day, hopefully, going about its business much/quite differently.

For Israel to not just wantonly slaughter its opponents (and particularly their women and children) of course, but actually sitting down and speaking with them, as President Jimmy Carter and former Irish President Mary Robinson have recommended. To realize that the Zionist project is a totally, utterly and wholly outmoded one, that wouldn’t have had a place in a more enlightened human history; no doubt, but in the real human history that we all know and deal with, it certainly doesn’t have any place in twenty-first century either, in truth.