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The idea that the deep state opposes Herr Drumpf is one of the most absurd propositions that I’ve encountered since I’ve been following politics. It shows you how little political acumen that so many of our “heroes” in the “conspiracy”/deep political scene actually have…

In the foreign policy realm three of his first actions were to make sure that there’s no daylight between the United States and both Israel and Saudi Arabia (which was not true under Obama)! He also seems to be bound and determined to bring relations between United States and Iran back to the status quo ante the Iran Deal (even if he can’t end the agreement signed under Obama, more campaign lies)!

Drumpf’s going around bobbing and weaving essentially with his scattershot/kaleidoscopic foreign policy (one day friends with a nation like China one day irking them/making demands upon them) it almost seems like he’s running around like a chicken with its head chopped off insistent upon inciting WWIII!


I grew up thinking there were intelligent and learned people in America. Yeah, there’s a major anti-intellectual strain — in fact the popular culture seems to just descend and descend and descend you almost have be literally mentally handicapped in order to “appreciate” any of it (Kardashians, Taylor Swift, etc.), but I thought a lot of Americans valued intellect and knowledge. This cretin Trump he brags he went to the best college or some such. He’s just like a yahoo, but from Wall Street. The George W. Bush of New York City!

He campaigned for Netanyahu his last election I think, and he has an Orthodox Jewish daughter. And these “alternatives”/alternative media websites spend a huge percentage of their sites talking about the lobby, Zionism, etc. — unbelievably some (many?) of these people are actually now supporting Trump!

Note: This was actually published on February 22nd, but somehow it got stuck in the privately published phase. Which is kind of a misnomer/oxymoron really since that means no one can see it except the post’s author.

Some might say that it is only the “white countries” that have to be burdened under the yoke of multiculturalism. But I don’t know about that… Peru for example has a rather extensive Japanese community, Singapore I’d say is a multicultural country, the Caribbean has a lot of Indian people (from India not Native American). There are a lot of diasporas of a lot of different groups (worldwide). And so, if you go looking at the ethnic make-up of a lot of countries you’ll probably find there are communities of people in a lot of nations that you least expected.

Israel is actually a multicultural country really, although it is an ethnic state based upon Ashkenazi supremacy. Anyway, I certainly don’t want to live under any sort of analogous regime or form of government such as that — a regime that is an ethnic state — like that of Israel!

I think the Alex Jones Show is trying to “go mainstream” or something. There’s been a lot of changes in the show IMO over this past year. I think he has accepted that offer to be like the Rush Limbaugh of the next generation or something (I’ve heard him make reference on air many times to “the system” [don’t recall if that is the precise term he used] essentially giving him a plum position in radio and/or other media if he would just join with them).

I personally never cared very much prior to this year that I didn’t agree with many of his views, or that he is so widely vilified as a gatekeeper. It seems he may have been timid on some issues — or didn’t go that far on many issues, but I have liked his show basically for many years.

In the past I heard Jones say that Reagan was basically a psyop for essentially what would have been like proto-Tea Party people of that day (so-called Patriot Movement, libertarian, or at least libertarian-leaning people probably too as well). When he had Trump on he agreed with Trump’s assessment that Reagan was the greatest president in the modern era! And he also said that Reagan wanted to make America great too!

He’s always been wishy-washy on Israel, but I have heard him make some serious criticism of them in the past, now he says that he “stays neutral”, and most of his guests seem to be strident Zionists as well. Here’s a clip from the Alex Jones Show discussing the USS Liberty incident with Dr. Francis Boyle in two thousand and twelve. And also discussing the Pentagon having intel at the time that the Likudniks may be planning to perpetrate a false flag operation…

Additionally AJ has also seemed to throw Rand Paul essentially under the bus. I’d respect him more I think — see it as standing by his principles — if he had stuck with Rand. I thought he was even close to the Paul family. I don’t remember the exact moment that the Trump phenomenon began, but still I can’t recall that it ever looked like he’d be supporting Rand Paul, though. He’d been an apologist for Rand, prior to the beginning of the Republican presidential primary, saying he was just “moving to center” when he deviated from libertarian dogma/doctrine. Other libertarians such as Justin Raimondo of had already become completely fed up with Dr. Rand Paul by that time though.

One of the falsehoods being spread by Joel Gilbert of the website WND (World Nuts Daily) on the Alex Jones Show recently, was “the Soviet Union worked with Islamists”. Joel would appear to be wholly ignorant of the entire history of the Afghan War! Other than that I also have no idea what he’s talking about considering that all of Russia’s Middle Eastern allies when it was still communist were secularists such as Assad (the father), Qaddafi, Nasser, etc…

It’s also well known that in the past Israel would demonize the PLO just as stridently as it does Hamas today. And it even nurtured Hamas (some would go so far as to say that it created it), as a counterbalance to Arafat and his supporters and forces. So not only did the good ole U.S. of A. work with Islamists, but the country that Joel is probably most loyal to, the Zionist entity, did so as well!

Critics have labeled the current Israeli Likudnik government that is comprised of right-wing as well as religious parties, as the most extreme in that nation’s history. It features a Justice Minister (sic), Ayelet Shaked, a Deputy Foreign Minister, Tzipi Hotovely and a Minister of Culture and Sport, Miri Regev who are all far out of step/out of line with international law and in fact the international consensus essentially of what should be the “rules of the road” for the long, arduous, and likewise seemingly neverending Israel/Palestine conflict. Moreover, all of these personages/individuals that occupy these positions in the Israeli government, of course, just happen to be women. And in truth, these “fair” ladies can certainly be said to be the hateful sirens of Netanyahu’s warped and indeed extraordinarily disturbed apartheidic vision!

Ayelet Shaked’s “claim to fame” is, of course, her now deleted Facebook posting in which, she declared the entire Palestinian people the enemy, “…including its elderly and its women, its cities and its villages, its property and its infrastructure.” Notwithstanding an extensive detailing of all of the sanction of war crimes that is implied by the potential policy implementation of that statement, in an actual Israeli military campaign — and particularly when considering perpetrating that type of military/war-related activity upon an illegally (for 48 years) occupied population — but it also seems to be reminiscent of Israel’s terroristic Dayiha doctrine. A doctrine that it has employed in Beirut, Lebanon, the title of which refers to the Dahiya neighborhood of that city, and an incident that took place there in August 2006 in which large numbers of civilians were either directly killed by bombs or crushed, as they huddled in the debris of their freshly destroyed homes.

Considering that there is no foreign minister in the current government, the deputy then is the de facto one. Tzipi Hotolvely defends the annexation by Israel of the whole of the West Bank, and as part and parcel of a plan that is widely supported in the Netanyahu government of a Jewish one-state solution. This is not at all the same as the secular and democratic one-state solution that is supported by such courageous Jewish Israeli people as Ilan Pappe and Miko Peled. That proposal calls for equal rights for Palestinian and Jewish citizens, antithetical by all means to the nefarious as well as diabolical desires/designs, indeed, of the Netanyahu sirens.

The present culture minister of Israel, makes no pretensions about a two-state solution. In an interview that she gave in 2013 she said, “When the prime minister delivered the (June 2009) Bar Ilan speech in which he expressed support for the two-state doctrine, that was not ok with me. My opinion has not changed. In the end, when you consider the two states for two nations…”

Most if not all of these people — those cut from the same Likudim cloth as the three sirens — use the incendiary and irresponsible rhetoric of Judea and Samara (with the implication being that it was given to the Jews by God and no one else) to refer to the West Bank. (The West Bank that will, of course, be the major part of the future Palestinian state, at least under the two-state rubric.) And so, the bigoted rhetoric of Judea and Samara is clearly not helpful at all for anyone who is even the slightest bit serious or concerned about ever achieving peace, which these women clearly are not!

Palestinians are repeatedly harangued by the Western and US media, to recognize Israel’s right to exist. But aggressive promotion of the illegal settlements and complete abandonment — and even thumbing one’s nose at — the two-state solution essentially amounts to not recognizing the Palestinians’ right to it (existence). Save perhaps as second, third, or fourth-class citizens within the ranks of a fascistoid regime, quite literally! And although, it’s no surprise that in the Zionist-occupied media that there’s a total absence of any sort of hue and cry about this; nonetheless, the reactionary, scofflaw and international pariahial-nature, at least according to any sane/reasonable international institutions (as well as governments), of the Netanyahu Likudnik administration can no longer be abated! And indeed, these three exceedingly disagreeable women most assuredly represent a dark cadre that exists within it, and one that can undeniably be called the wholly contemptible Israeli Prime Minister’s beloved, “Sirens of Apartheid.”

Former chief of staff for Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson, I think makes an excellent point in this interview. In contradistinction of course to like the anti-Semtic nuts or whatever who think that the Jews control the entire world. Those folks I’m pretty sure believe that Israel would be able to be an apartheid state — and for a long time. Because they say that the Jewish supremacism practiced in Israel is hypocritical (which I would think implies that they also believe that it will be enduring), and while according to their claims Jewish intellectuals and “Jewish media” have propagated “cultural Marxism” on the Western formerly “white countries”. Things that I would view as really efforts to take away the second-class citizenship status of non-white peoples (along with women’s rights/feminism), they view as attacking the previous white (and Christian) character of Western nations — and that additionally according to their analysis have been propagated heavily by Jews in order to weaken the communities and indeed the overall power of white Christian Europeans. I concur with Mr. Wilkerson though that once there is little doubt; and it was widely accepted that Israel is an apartheid regime that it couldn’t last more than at most a few decades!

The Zionist propaganda though is quite effective. I’m not sure that it’s imminent that this apartheid conclusion will be widely accepted, particularly in the US. Where Israel has been wildly successful at representing itself as a Western-style democracy. We are only starting now at enlightening people! Could it take 5, 10, 15 years or even longer to dispel their sordid propaganda — and indeed, verily, to breakthrough with the truth?!!

A big part of of why the “Israel Project” is so out of step with the present is because that it is a colonial/colonialist project, indeed. Human rights is a concept that only came about — in its ultimate/present formation at least — in the mid to late 20th century. Today however it seems bizarre that one of the “justifications” for Israel (or a Jewish state) is European anti-Semitism and the Holocaust — and yet now all or most of the wars of the West seem to be waged, at least ostensibly on the basis it (human rights)!

The project of Israel is an anachronism, though. Stolen lands and genocide to displace one group of people and replace them with another group of people, just shouldn’t have any legitimacy with anybody anymore. Israel has encroached so far on what would have been the two-states, as Noam Chomsky has pointed out with the intention of only leaving bantustans for the Palestinian people. Although, I do believe that whatever the final agreement is that it will be put up to a referendum to be voted on by all of the Palestinian people. And I should think that it stands to reason that based upon an illicit occupation that has been ongoing for some 47 years that Israel has great pressure on itself to push for a just (and one that will be long lasting) peace agreement. Indeed, in order join the rest of the world as a legitimate country. It’s quite clear to me that its government(s), instead, drag their feet however, and seem to be using the “peace process” as a ruse in order to continue on with their aggressive; as well as illicit of course, territorial expansionism.

It’s no wonder then that the PA would seek to make a “unilateral” decision like attempting to join the International Criminal Court (ICC)! Israel has made a “unilateral decision” like becoming the only nuclear power in the Middle East, for instance! And there hasn’t of course been any concomitant hue and cry about that! And moreover, it (the state of Israel) has also made “unilateral” decisions such as: building illegal settlements, making repeated military incursions unquestionably into occupied Gaza, bombing the sovereign nation of Syria, and in past history even annexing the Golan Heights.

And so, it’s said that history is written by those who won. Well, any person of good conscience who has been following the Israel/Palestine conflict can tell that the same can certainly, at least roughly, be true of the present! But a learned individual also said that the arc of the moral universe bends towards justice, and so additionally anyone that follows this situation closely should also know just how untenable, and how flimsy and indeed how “see through” moreover that the propaganda and the PR that is behind it (the pro-Israel narrative) clearly is! And furthermore, how it is just so lacking as compared to its absolute utmost level of effectiveness! And withal, how it is just so in fact not going to cut it anymore! Indeed, anyone who meticulously follows the conflict and what’s more is assiduously looking at the signposts, as well as reading the tea leaves, knows exactly what’s up ahead.

There was in interesting article recently in Haaretz on the US relationship to the nations of Israel and Cuba. The Cuban lobby being harshly antagonistic to any change in policy is definitely a factor in the potential alteration of said policy to a more bold/enlightened one. And furthermore, the aforementioned article additionally points out that Cubans (traditionally Republican of course) are now split about 50-50 between the “two” duopoly parties. You’d think this could actually be a trend that the community is getting more open-minded and moving away from the community’s previous orthodoxy. And yet, contradistinctively perhaps on the issue of the communist/socialist government of Cuba there hasn’t been much change overall, however. And so in that case, the Cuban-Americans being equally divided amongst the D’s and the R’s actually bodes very poorly for any kind of future change in policy, transparently.

I mentioned the Cuban lobby — which I’m certainly not an expert on, but I think that it almost certainly consists of mainly, if not entirely, the “old guard” and their way of thinking. The part of the community that is immensely powerful in Florida, most assuredly, but additionally holds some sway within the corridors of power in Washington, DC very much also.

There are some that have the tail wagging dog quite a bit in their historical scenarios. Which does undoubtedly occur, of course, upon occasion and from time to time. In my humble opinion though, the warmongering American ruling class can gin up senseless wars and wars of choice on its own however just fine. Along with its auxiliaries of Wall Street and the City of London, unequivocally.

Part of the American lockstep with Israel is the want/need for a permanent and stable military outpost in the Middle East, methinks. In fact, it is not always the tail wagging the dog as has been theorized by some. The financiers and the endogenous military-industry complex of the United States do quite all right on their own in a fervent quest for perpetual war/wars. War is the health of the state after all, as it has often been indeed said.