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Drumpf is planning a no-fly zone in Syria!

This was why Shillary was ostensibly no option at all, she would start WWIII! I must say my candidate Jill Stein also put this out there. I’d didn’t really agree with her, poking the Russian bear seemed to me to be something that the Obama admin enjoyed doing once the reset collapsed… I expected a Clinton II admin would poke the bear also, hopefully keeping in mind Mutually Assured Destruction is the reality if two or more great powers ever again go to war on this Earth! As Albert Einstein said (to paraphrase) he knew not what weapons WWIII would fought with (I assume that he assumed nuclear however), but WWIV would be fought with sticks and stones! (The MIC needs a great power as an enemy to justify all kinds of large-scale weaponry that aren’t needed against terrorists — who are sort of like small bands akin to guerrillas really.)

The neocons during the Dim Son Bush Reign of Error seemed to be at least feigning they no longer believed in Mutually Assured Destruction, but that was kind of an earlier version of alternative facts, I’d say. I’m not sure how you get around the reality of it… With an unhinged ersatz president — and additionally I think that this admin has a real neo-Nixonian tinge to it, and so I’d say that we are not only looking at another “Mutually Assured Destruction” denying White House resident, but a mad bomber to boot also! And of course Mutually Assured Destruction is not the only thing that this neofascist usurping clique are denying — among a multitude of other realities, that “the Orange One” (and his cretinous sycophantic minions) are planting their heads firmly in sand and unequivocally denying too!


Dr. Tarpley is not buying Sy Hersh’s article. He says that some of the military people may want to stick around — or come back — post-Obama. As I understand his analysis he’s saying that some of these military brass that basically wholly accepted the neocon/liberal interventionist/”humanitarian” bomber policy are now trying to look like pragmatists/rational individuals. Now that some of the myths that the sheeple have been told about Syria have basically popped. Of course such as that any moderate opposition exists at all… Not clear to me if the Dr. thinks that Hersh would have wittingly gone along with this, or that he was actually bamboozled/roped in.

Some folks use the term neocon very freely, such as in “Obama is being advised by a bunch of neocons” or some such. I have a slight disagreement with these people on that. I consider that people in the Democratic Party that are incredibly similar to neocons, I like to call “humanitarian” bombers or liberal interventionists instead. I think that I heard an analyst that I respect a great deal say in an interview once that Woodrow Wilson was actually the first neocon! Haha, that is quite possibly correct.

The original neocons, people such as Irving Kristol, I do not believe opposed the welfare state. After all, many of them had attended City College for free/gratis compliments of John Q. Public! The latter generations of neocons however, differ with other types of Republican conservatives in the foreign policy arena mainly if not entirely, I would suggest.

The BBC has been ridiculing the purported actual capabilities of the Russian military. I would put a lot of stock in the Russian military as well as weaponry (which of course is also being questioned), though. A lot of the scare mongering that goes on I don’t put a lot of stock in, however. I generally think that most militaries in this world have very limited capability. Other than the militaries of the US, Great Britain, Russia, France and perhaps China… I don’t think the other militaries of the world can really do a whole lot, at least in hypothetical battle against any of these top militaries.

I’d think both Japan and Germany in not too long of a time could get their militaries up to snuff so to speak, to get at least somewhat close to the others I’ve mentioned. Other militaries that have a lot of troops, but I’m very dubious of what actual capabilities that they might have are Egypt, India, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan.

I’m not really sure of the capability of the Israeli military, they have a lot of top flight stuff (military gear, materiel, technology, etc.), but being such a small nation — and they “war” with Gaza which is basically a refugee camp, so it pretty much doesn’t tell us much about their military’s actual capability, I’d say.

Hamas has an office in Qatar, which is the residence of the chairman. I know that the Emir of Qatar was giving them money in the past, but I don’t know if that is still ongoing. Although Hamas was a close ally with Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria at one time; I believe that since Hamas came out against Assad that alliance has frayed. Syed Hassan Nasrallah — I found quite surprising, has come out during this current bloodbath and said that Hezbollah is standing 100% behind the Hamas resistance! Hezbollah won’t do anything unless the Islamic Republic gives them the say-so in my opinion, though. Iran is in negotiations presently, and so I don’t expect Hezbollah to do anything because I think that those negotiations might definitely be sacrificed by Hezbollah taking any meaningful/substantive military action.

Much as the Palestinian/Gazan people make a distinction between the elected political side of Hamas and the militant wing of it, I absolutely think that Hezbollah’s words are in support of the latter, for certainty. The known tensions between political Hamas and Hezbollah, I would think, are still very much at play between the two resistance movements, but at the same time with a common enemy one can only imagine the comradely ties — difficult to break — that the two sides have developed over their common struggle’s duration.

For those who have not been apprised of a series of ongoing events in Turkey moribund Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is following up his Twitter ban with a Youtube one also. The ostensible incitement for the authoritarian move by the power mad/drunken Erdogan was that a recording was released on the video sharing service that had top Turkish diplomats and intelligence officials, including Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and Hakan Fidan, the head of Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT), discussing the commission of a false flag attack, of course, for the purposes of intensifying the conflagration with the neighboring Arab Republic of Syria. The intelligence official Fidan said, “I’ll send four men from Syria, if that’s what it takes. I’ll make up a cause of war by ordering a missile attack on Turkey. We can also prepare an attack on Suleiman Shah Tomb if necessary.” The Tomb of Suleiman Shah is Turkish sovereignty within the borders of Syria, and it is an expanse that is guarded by the Turkish military.

This entire situation patently also makes one think of Northern Cyprus, which is considered by the UN to be an illegally occupied territory of Turkey, and rightly a part of the duly recognized — under international law — Republic of Cyprus. If all of these things were things that the Russian Federation was doing; in lieu of a NATO-allied country, we can only imagine the hysterics, and the infantile behavior and the temper tantrums (and not to mention the hue and cry, of course, for surely) that would be whirling/catapulting from the unfettered/unsettled Western media! And even though Sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan has fallen out with the West — at least to a limited extent, if not greater — he was, for certain, a fleeting and indeed transient “fair-haired boy” of theirs in past years! And furthermore, he was even someone who had curried favor with them with his brand of so-called Muslim democracy that the West was even viewing, at one time, as a possible model to use throughout the wider region. It seems abundantly clear that the West has backed the wrong horse, unequivocally, at the present however, and it wouldn’t come as the least bit of a surprise (at least to this observer) that the Sultan isn’t long for spending out his remaining days in a pasture somewhere; talking to the portraits of his own personal, revered, and celebrated great Ottoman leaders on the walls of his pristine, worry free as well as uber-plush retreat somewhere.

In this interview with the Algerian Foreign Minister, Ramtaine Lamamra, here, IMHO this man comes across as a complete phony. Algeria has not been voting with Syria at the Arab League! In fact, this phony and his government have been voting with the anti-Syria Arab League members, as well as the eminently disagreeable Gulf Arabs!

I believe that Syria is even suspended from the Arab League at this point, which Algeria voted for: whilst Syria, Lebanon and Yemen did not, and Iraq abstained! When the West and the Saudis destabilize, and send the puppeted disgrace to Islam Salafi and Wahhabite fanatics and killers into Algeria, maybe then the Algerian government will learn that they should have stood with Baathist Syria! In lieu of, “going with the flow” of course, and knuckling under to the diktats of the Western neocolonial powers as well as the disreputable, benighted and antediluvian Gulf Arabs! The overall stratagem in Syria is unequivocally one that is seeking, to morph it into a Western proxy, or enervate it with infighting — for a great extent of time, if not in perpetuity. This is what an idle and, in fact, complicit Algeria — with outside meddling powers/forces in Syria (whether by commission or omission) — is facilitating by doing nothing/laying on its hands.

I had read this piece in Deutsche Welle at the time of the printing of the article, but I have not seen too many headlines on this issue. And moreover, I have not really seen this issue, very much, being brought to the forefront. The lily-livered, egregious, and potentially bringing to cliff of WWIII fabrications by the Obama ignoble clique IMHO really should have been highlighted more prominently in the US MSM — and the wider Western media as well, of course, too! That charisma, charm, golden tongue, and overall slickness of Barky Obama, though, I guess has just — simply — struck/won the day again!

Obama Secretary of State John Kerry had stated on September 3rd, 2013, “We are certain that none of the opposition has the weapons or capacity to effect a strike of this scale, particularly from the heart of regime territory.” After two abysmally failed conflicts (Iraq and Afghanistan), in which thousands of US soldiers have purposelessly died. (Not to mention hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and tens of thousands of Afghans in said conflicts.) A third farcical war is just “the drug” apparently, that America needs to alleviate us of this Great Recession! Well, as I said I had read the Deutsche Welle piece at the time of its printing, and the key/integral information; that was presented by the article, was that the rockets that were allegedly fired from regime controlled areas, did not actually have the range to reach any of their targets! A conclusion that was backed up by a report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (the authors of which had anticipated the authentication of the Obama clique/regime claims!) and a UN weapons inspector named Ake Sellstrom too.

And so thanks perhaps only to a slip of the tongue by Secretary of State and Skull and Bonesman Kerry — that Syria would have to rid itself of all of its chemical weapons for the empire to even contemplate deescalation/a deescalation — that shot the “liberal” warhawks in the foot! And indeed, quite remarkably saved humanity, and moreover particularly Arab/Muslim people who seem to be a favored target, for devastation, of  the Western elite power brokers/ravenous thugs! Peace reigned the day, in lieu of warmongering, and Bushian/Goebbelsian propaganda was stripped of its power/authority by the reasonableness of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov — and additionally by the (still remaining Assad-led) Baathist Arab Republic of Syria as well.

With Skull and Bonesman John Forbes Kerry at Secretary of State, and Obama’s coterie of “humanitarian” interventionist hawks, circling like blood discovering great white sharks (or piranhas), around our dearest president. It’s a wonder that the bombs aren’t already dropping in the Arab Republic of Syria. Nonplussed by the Islamist, Al-Qaeda, and otherwise jihadist ranks, that are rallying against the government in Syria, which according to the reputable Jane’s Review represent nearly half of all of the opposition forces to the Assad government; the West (if by the West we mean solely the United States and the French Fifth Republic this time around) still appears to be chomping at the bit for more “obligatory” war, and further “critical” national destruction. And so unequivocally, this begs the question if “non-moderate” elements can be sidelined in post-Western intervention Syria — no-fly zone or not — where chaos could certainly potentially reign, for a good deal of a while thereafter.

And indeed Libya, like Iraq, is certainly another case in point that has exhibited no singing tomorrows, and exuberant galas that are imbued with sweets and roses, at the prospect of the end of the Qaddafi-led Al-Jamahiriya revolution. A revolution rather unceremoniously 86’d in favor of a weakened central state government (of which had provided the highest standard of living in all of Africa). And moreover, Islamist vigilantes — and even lesser ethical groupings — currently roam the country which; of course, can hardly register any positive points in favor of a stellar, and worthwhile victory in that nation.

The West unabated, however, looks poised to continue on in seemingly uber-adventurist, and indeed George W. Bushian “cowboy-esque” escapades and machinations. Under the deleterious yet debonair Obama who, unequivocally, hails from America’s illustrious Second City, and not the wilds and hinterlands of the Texas countryside where rolling in the muck, mire, mud, pig droppings, earth and hay with rural dogs — as well as engaging in the “high falutin'” praxis of clearing brush — suffice as more than palatable (and indeed quite pleasing and immensely satisfactory) joyous entertainment! Not to revert from the main crux of the argument here though, America seems to be of the mindset to simply “get the baddy/baddies out”, and be damned with what will happen — in the aftermath — to a given nation’s people! And so it’s still, “don’t mess with Texas!” for certainty, although now of course we’ve got a president from the South Side of Chicago.

And not to mention culture, infrastructure and the positive elements that have pre-existed NATO/US bombings in these countries! Indeed, that is to say countries that the US has been wantonly, and enthusiastically bombing, since the advent of the Bush and Obama cliques! Nations that have built up development, whether it be the Western ideal of it or not. And moreover, oft-times in cases of illicit aggression — the “exceptional superpower”, has even inveigled so-called coalition of the willing countries into partaking in its: ill-conceived, ill-begotten, and indeed ill-drawn up diabolical machinations, ungrounded fantasies, naive/child-like ambitions/delusions, and “just” wars! But as is often said if the thing that one has a track record/experience in — or is adept in the use of — is a hammer then, in that case, apparently everything looks like a nail! And furthermore, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it is another idiom that, I think, could clearly be applicable in this case too! Although, one that the Pentagon and “humanitarian” interventionists — and others — circling around (and indeed cozying up to) President Obama don’t seem willing, or able to take sincerely to heart or mind at all!

A profound reassessment of this have hammer, use as if (virtually always) hitting a nail strategy, seems certain to be in need of review: to deeply drill down sufficiently into the roots, origins and impetus of such autistic thinking! In fact, this is so in order to determine if this bellicose strategy is being used in the laundry list/palate of war and peace options immensely more so, unequivocally, then it rightly should be. This type of reflection upon imperialist/hegemonical policy seems few and far between, and indeed should take a great rising up by the 99%, or aggressive campaign of the common people. More still it should take the welling up of the masses against the incorrigible elitist warmongers, and their military-industrial complex backers from reverting back — seemingly reflexively again and again — to this facile, markedly execrable, as well as undeniably ill-thought out, and eminently reckless policy/program! As the old Marvin Gaye song goes, “War is not answer.” Or how about the wisdom of an insightful activist patch that originated in the 1960s, “War is not healthy for children and other living things.”

War may make “good business” for some, but the collateral damage that ensues with each and every strike should ineluctably haunt these warmongers — assuming they are like most else and have consciences (which is unequivocally up for grabs/debate/deliberation!) — each and every hour, and for the rest of their days. Even Nobel Peace Prize winning/festooned warmongers, I dare say, shall not be free from such hauntings! And that is for certainty, if anything like karma (or what goes around comes around) should exist; I’d say, that in fact it will be the case, absolutely, without any doubt, ambiguity, misgiving, conjecture, guesswork or incredulity also.

Foreign Policy magazine reported yesterday that in 1988 the United States supported Saddam Hussein in gassing Iran. Someone should surely CC the reprehensible Secretary of State, and Skull and Bonesman John Kerry. About a moral obscenity such as that! As Martin Luther King said — whose march will be commemorated tomorrow — the greatest purveyor of violence in this world is the United States of America. And so thusly, to send the greatest purveyor of violence in to “restore peace”, or “establish democracy” (which former President Carter says that we don’t have) surely is counterintuitive, I think. And moreover, does not meet the smell test, and furthermore does not sound like a “capable surgeon” will, indeed, be completing the task.

It was the “deep moral principle” of not losing, that ostensibly motivated the detestable President Reagan to make such an unethical, and Machiavellian calculation! With a “moral authority” such as this leading any charge, we have to wonder; for sure, how such a “moral authority”, indeed, has the chutzpah to call itself moral at all.

John McCain met with Takfiri scum, when he was just in Syria. Are these the “moderate elements” that John McCain would have the full force of NATO, and the US government getting behind? And what kind of “democracy” could be led by these Takfiri rats? Surely, nothing but warlordism/failed statism could be wrought, by working with such ignoble trash.

In particular, McCain met with a Takfiri Salafi by the name of Mohammad Nour, a man infamously known for his involvement in the kidnapping of peaceable Shia pilgrims. Two of these Lebanese pilgrims have been released, whilst nine are still in the custody of something known as the “Northern Storm Brigade”. Salafis, such as this disreputable individual Nour, have taken over areas, and it has actually spawned nationalism/nostalgia for Assad! And fortunately, the people in such areas (in many instances), have even been able to drive these benighted warriors out.

What I hear from Syria is that whatever Syrians think of Assad, that the majority of Syrians respect the military. They see the military as protecting sanity, at least, if nothing else. As opposed to what the Salafi/Takfiri scum bring when they bring their uncouth/crass/murderous methods into one’s town! The Salafis and Al-Qaeda/Al-Nusra are probably more brutal (that US allies KSA and Qatar are funding) — than whatever Assad’s faults are — when they take over a region. And additionally, they may also want to kill Christians, Shia/Alawites, and Druze too. One can clearly see I think then, the guts of this long hard slog for NATO to put in either a failed state — or a regent servile to them, in the Arab Nationalist Republic of Syria.